Diabetes and Metabolism Division

Diabetes and Metabolism Division

The global incidence of diabetes continues to increase at an exponential rate, in tandem with the rapid rise of obesity. Obesity is also associated with the development of other debilitating chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease and asthma.

The Diabetes and Metabolism Division contributes to the worldwide effort to understand the causal relationships between genetics, the environment and the development of diabetes. With expertise in basic science and clinical research, we aim to establish an accurate picture of the circumstances under which obesity precipitates diabetes to enable the prediction, prevention and treatment of metabolic disease.


Research Laboratories and Groups 

Adipose Tissue Biology in Diabetes and Obesity (Lab Head: Prof Katherine Samaras)

Beta Cell Regeneration (Lab Head: Dr Daniel Hesselson)

Beta Cell Signalling (Lab Head: Prof Trevor Biden)

Cellular and Molecular Metabolism (Lab Head: Prof Mark Febbraio)

Clinical Diabetes, Appetite and Metabolism (Lab Heads: Prof Lesley Campbell and A/Prof Jerry Greenfield)

Insulin Signalling (Lab Head: A/Prof Carsten Schmitz-Peiffer)

Islet Biology (Lab Head: A/Prof Ross Laybutt)

Division Head

Prof Mark Febbraio

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Personal Assistant

Belinda Platzer