Dr Dorit Samocha-Bonet

Group Leader - Clinical Insulin Resistance

A/Prof Alexander Viardot

Group Leader - Prader-Willi Syndrome and Genetic Forms of Diabetes

Dr Paul Lee

Group Leader - Brown Fat Physiology

Dr Alice Tang

PhD Student

Dr Louise Purtell

Research Officer

Rebecca Williams

Clinical Research Assistant

Amanda Hor

PhD Student

Prof Don Chisholm

Senior Principle Research Fellow - Fat And Insulin Resistance

Renee Richens

Research Nurse

Dr Katherine Tonks

Clinical Researcher

Dr Vita Birzniece

Visiting Scientist

Pinar Kozan

Masters Student

Dr Daniel Chen

Research Assistant

Jackson Blythe

Honours Student

Suzanne Emery

Group Administrator

Eloise Brewer

Honours Student

Lynne Schofield

Nurse Manager

Rebecca Stewart

Casual Research Assistant

Neha Bahl

Research Assistant

Dr Arthur Jenkins

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Nisa Sheriff

Research Clinician

Meredith Jamieson

Research Nurse

Dr Chun-Ming Ma

Visiting Scientist

Dr Ramy Bishay

Endocrine diabetes Registrar


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