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Properties of high affinity intracellular binding sites for antiestrogens.
Watts, C. K. W.; Murphy, L. C.; Sutherland, R. L.; Jordan, V. C.
Estrogen/Antiestrogen Action and Breast Cancer Therapy :93-114, 1986
Microsomal binding sites for antioestrogens in rat liver. Properties and detergent solubilization
Watts, C. K.;Sutherland, R. L. :
BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 236 (3) :903-11, 1986
Antioestrogen binding sites
Watts, C. K. W.; Murphy, L. C.; Sutherland, R. L.; Wakeling, B. J. A. F. a. A. E.
Pharmacology and Clinical Uses of Inhibitors of Hormone Secretion and Action :20 - 40, 1986
Ovarian hormone effects on activity, glucoregulation and thyroid hormones in the rat
Thomas, D. K.;Storlien, L. H.;Bellingham, W. P.;Gillette, K. :
PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR 36 (3) :567-73, 1986
Low dose prednisolone in rheumatoid arthritis. Should it be used more frequently?
Sambrook, P. N.;Champion, G. D. :
Curr Therapeutics :31-32, 1986
2-deoxy-D-glucose metabolism in individual tissues of the rat in vivo
Jenkins, A. B.;Furler, S. M.;Kraegen, E. W. :
Int J Biochem 18 (4) :311-8, 1986
Importance of timing of postprandial insulin delivery in insulin- dependent diabetes mellitus.
Kraegen, E. W.;Chisholm, D. J.;Storlien, L. H. :
Pract Cardiol 12 :149-162, 1986
In vivo insulin resistance in individual peripheral tissues of the high fat fed rat: assessment by euglycaemic clamp plus deoxyglucose administration
Kraegen, E. W.;James, D. E.;Storlien, L. H.;Burleigh, K. M.;Chisholm, D. J. :
DIABETOLOGIA 29 (3) :192-8, 1986
Regulation of hepatic glucose output during exercise by circulating glucose and insulin in humans
Jenkins, A. B.;Furler, S. M.;Chisholm, D. J.;Kraegen, E. W. :
Am J Physiol 250 (3 Pt 2) :R411-7, 1986
Biochemical significance of enhanced activity of fluorinated 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 in human cultured cell lines
Eisman, J. A.;Frampton, R. J.;McLean, F. J. :
The stimulation of tricarboxylic acid-cycle flux by alpha-adrenergic agonists in perfused rat liver
Taylor, W. M.;van de Pol, E.;Bygrave, F. L. :
BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 233 (2) :321-4, 1986
Long term corticosteroid therapy: Managing side effects
Eisman, J. A. :
Curr Therapeutics New Ethicals 2 :55-63, 1986
On the stimulation of respiration by alpha-adrenergic agonists in perfused rat liver
Taylor, W. M.;Van de Pol, E.;Bygrave, F. L. :
Eur J Biochem 155 (2) :319-22, 1986
Substituted-vinyl hydroxytriarylethylenes, 1-[4-[2-(diethylamino) ethoxy]phenyl]-1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-phenylethylenes: synthesis and effects on MCF 7 breast cancer cell proliferation
Ruenitz, P. C.;Bagley, J. R.;Watts, C. K.;Hall, R. E.;Sutherland, R. L. :
Growth hormone and cortisol secretion after oral clonidine in healthy adults
Hunt, G. E.;O'Sullivan, B. T.;Johnson, G. F.;Smythe, G. A. :