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OpenAccess publication Radioimmunoassay of cholecystokinin in human plasma
Byrnes, D. J.;Henderson, L.;Borody, T.;Rehfeld, J. F. :
CLINICA CHIMICA ACTA 111 (1) :81-9, 1981
OpenAccess publication Programming of insulin delivery with meals during subcutaneous insulin infusion
Chisholm, D. J.;Kraegen, E. W.;Zelenka, G. S. :
DIABETES CARE 4 (2) :265-8, 1981
OpenAccess publication Steroid radioimmunoassay--effect of shortened incubation time on specificity
Vining, R. F.;Compton, P.;McGinley, R. :
CLINICAL CHEMISTRY 27 (6) :910-3, 1981
OpenAccess publication Lectins used to prepare serum free of glycoprotein hormones for use as a matrix in radioimmunoassay
Stuart, M. C.;Ellis, S.;Gowlland, L.;Tuff, S. :
CLINICAL CHEMISTRY 27 (1) :52-6, 1981
OpenAccess publication Deuterium exchange labelling of biologically important phenols, indoles and steroids
Vining, R. F.;Smythe, G. A.;Long, M. A. :
J Labelled Compounds Radiopharm 18(11) :1683-1692, 1981
OpenAccess publication The necessity and feasibility of normalising plasma insulin levels in diabetics using insulin delivery systems.
Kraegen, E. W.; Irsigler, K.
New Approaches to Insulin Therapy :249-256, 1981
OpenAccess publication Steroid radioimmunoassay
Vining, R. F. :
Clin Biochem Revs 2 :39-49, 1981
OpenAccess publication Hypothalamic-pituitary disorders
Lazarus, L. :
Plenary Lecture, Proc 15th Malaysia-Singapore Cong of Med :110-113, 1980
OpenAccess publication Oestrogen-induced hyperprolactinaemia in the rat: reduced concentrations of hypothalamic dopamine and the effects of bromocriptine
Smythe, G. A.;Brandstater, J. F. :
Aust J Biol Sci 33 (3) :329-39, 1980
OpenAccess publication Testosterone radioimmunoassay: rapid extraction technique for steroids based on kieselguhr mini-columns
Vining, R. F. :
STEROIDS 36 (2) :149-59, 1980
OpenAccess publication Treatment of chronic respiratory infections
Burns, M. W. :
DRUGS 18 (1) :58-64, 1979
OpenAccess publication Immune complexes in diabetes mellitus
Charlesworth, J. A.;Campbell, L. V.;Quin, J.;Lazarus, L.;Macdonald, G. J. :
Aust N Z J Med 9 (4) :370-3, 1979
OpenAccess publication Glucagon--new concepts about and ""old"" hormone
Alford, F. P.;Chisholm, D. J. :
Aust N Z J Med 9 (6) :733-43, 1979
OpenAccess publication Acromegaly
Lazarus, L. :
Aust N Z J Med 9(3) :323-26, 1979
OpenAccess publication Release of secretin--plasma levels reproduced by exogenous infusion
Byrnes, D. J.;Marjason, J.;Henderson, L.;Lazarus, L. :
Aust N Z J Med 9 (2) :151-3, 1979