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Enhancer DNA methylation: implications for gene regulation
Angeloni, A.; Bogdanovic, O.
Essays in Biochemistry 63 (6) :707-715, 2019 10.1042/EBC20190030
Biparental inheritance of mitochondrial DNA in humans is not a common phenomenon
Rius, R.; Cowley, M. J.; Riley, L.; Puttick, C.; Thorburn, D. R.; Christodoulou, J.
GENETICS IN MEDICINE 21 (12) :2823-2826, 2019 10.1038/s41436-019-0568-0
Molecular regulation of human skeletal muscle protein synthesis in response to exercise and nutrients: a compass for overcoming age-related anabolic resistance
Hodson, N.; West, D. W. D.; Philp, A.; Burd, N. A.; Moore, D. R.
AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-CELL PHYSIOLOGY 317 (6) :C1061-C1078, 2019 10.1152/ajpcell.00209.2019
Molecular regulation of human skeletal muscle protein synthesis in response to exercise and nutrients: a compass for overcoming age-related anabolic resistance.
Hodson, N. West, DWD. Philp, A. Burd, NA. Moore, DR
AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-CELL PHYSIOLOGY 317 (6) :C1061-C1078, 2019 10.1152/ajpcell.00209.2019
Metallothionein 1 negatively regulates glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and is differentially expressed in conditions of beta cell compensation and failure in mice and humans
Bensellam, M.; Shi, Y. C.; Chan, J. Y.; Laybutt, D. R.; Chae, H.; Abou-Samra, M.; Pappas, E. G.; Thomas, H. E.; Gilon, P.; Jonas, J. C.
DIABETOLOGIA 62 (12) :2273-2286, 2019 10.1007/s00125-019-05008-3
Protein A superantigen: structure, engineering and molecular basis of antibody recognition
Mazigi, O.; Schofield, P.; Langley, D. B.; Christ, D.
Protein Eng 32 (8) :359-366, 2019 10.1093/protein/gzz026
Mice with myocyte deletion of vitamin D receptor have sarcopenia and impaired muscle function
Girgis, C. M.; Cha, K. M.; So, B.; Tsang, M.; Chen, J.; Houweling, P. J.; Schindeler, A.; Stokes, R.; Swarbrick, M. M.; Evesson, F. J.; Cooper, S. T.; Gunton, J. E.
Journal of Cachexia Sarcopenia and Muscle 10 (6) :1228-1240, 2019 10.1002/jcsm.12460
SquiggleKit: a toolkit for manipulating nanopore signal data
Ferguson, James M; Smith, Martin A
Bioinformatics 35 (24) :5372-5373, 2019 10.1093/bioinformatics/btz586
Gradient-sized control of tumor spheroids on a single chip
Fang, G.; Lu, H.; Law, A.; Gallego-Ortega, D.; Jin, D.; Lin, G.
LAB ON A CHIP 19 (24) :4093-4103, 2019 10.1039/c9lc00872a
Deletion of self-reactive CCR7- thymocytes in the absence of MHC expression on thymic epithelial cells
Wirasinha, R. C.; Chan, A.; Yap, J. Y.; Hu, D. Y.; Teh, C. E.; Gray, D. H. D.; Goodnow, C. C.; Daley, S. R.
CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 26 (12) :2727-2739, 2019 10.1038/s41418-019-0331-8
Machine learning and Bioinformatics Models to Identify Gene Expression Patterns of Ovarian Cancer Associated with Disease Progression and Mortality.
Hossain MA, Islam SM, Quinn J, Huq F, Moni MA
JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS 100 :103313, 2019 10.1016/j.jbi.2019.103313
Diagnostic accuracy of (68) Ga-prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) positron-emission tomography (PET) and multiparametric (mp)MRI to detect intermediate-grade intra-prostatic prostate cancer using whole-mount pathology: impact of the addition of (68) Ga-PSMA PET to mpMRI
Scheltema, M. J.; Chang, J. I.; Stricker, P. D.; van Leeuwen, P. J.; Nguyen, Q. A.; Ho, B.; Delprado, W.; Lee, J.; Thompson, J. E.; Cusick, T.; Spriensma, A. S.; Siriwardana, A. R.; Yuen, C.; Kooner, R.; Hruby, G.; O'Neill, G.; Emmett, L.
BJU International 124 Suppl 1 :42-49, 2019 10.1111/bju.14794
Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis and connective tissue disorder in humans with impaired JNK1-dependent responses to IL-17A/F and TGF-beta
Li, J.; Ritelli, M.; Ma, C. S.; Rao, G.; Habib, T.; Corvilain, E.; Bougarn, S.; Cypowyj, S.; Grodecka, L.; Levy, R.; Beziat, V.; Shang, L.; Payne, K.; Avery, D. T.; Migaud, M.; Boucherit, S.; Boughorbel, S.; Guennoun, A.; Chrabieh, M.; Rapaport, F.; Bigio, B.; Itan, Y.; Boisson, B.; Cormier-Daire, V.; Syx, D.; Malfait, F.; Zoppi, N.; Abel, L.; Freiberger, T.; Dietz, H. C.; Marr, N.; Tangye, S. G.; Colombi, M.; Casanova, J. L.; Puel, A.
Science Immunology 4 (41) 2019 10.1126/sciimmunol.aax7965
Urinary steroid profiling in diagnostic evaluation of an unusual adrenal mass
Lenders, N. F.; Greenfield, J. R.
Endocrinology, diabetes & metabolism case reports 2019 2019 10.1530/EDM-19-0090
Effects of Statins on Memory, Cognition, and Brain Volume in the Elderly.
Samaras K, Makkar SR, Crawford JD, Kochan NA, Slavin MJ, Wen W, Trollor JN, Brodaty H, Sachdev PS.
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY 74 (21) :2554-2568, 2019 10.1016/j.jacc.2019.09.041