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OpenAccess publication Regulation of B-Cell Self-Tolerance By BAFF and the Molecular Basis of Its Action
Gardam, S.; Brink, R.
Contemporary Immunology:BLys Ligands and Receptors X111 :43-63, 2010
OpenAccess publication DOCK8 mutations cripple B cell immunological synapses, germinal centers and long-lived antibody production
Randall, K. L.; Lambe, T.; Johnson, A.; Treanor, B.; Kucharska, E.; Domaschenz, H.; Whittle, B.; Tze, L. E.; Enders, A.; Crockford, T. L.; Bouriez-Jones, T.; Alston, D.; Cyster, J. G.; Lenardo, M. J.; Mackay, F.; Deenick, E. K.; Tangye, S. G.; Chan, T. D.; Camidge, T.; Brink, R.; Vinuesa, C. G.; Batista, F. D.; Cornall, R. J.; Goodnow, C. C.
NATURE IMMUNOLOGY 10 (12) :1283-91, 2009 ni.1820 [pii] 10.1038/ni.1820
OpenAccess publication Antigen affinity controls rapid T-dependent antibody production by driving the expansion rather than the differentiation or extrafollicular migration of early plasmablasts
Chan, T.D.; Gatto, D.; Wood, K.; Camidge, T.; Basten, A.; Brink, R.
JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 183 (5) :3139-49, 2009 jimmunol.0901690 [pii] 10.4049/jimmunol.0901690
OpenAccess publication Guidance of B Cells by the Orphan GPCR EBI2 Shapes Humoral Immune Responses
Gatto, D.; Paus, D.; Basten, A.; Mackay, C.R.; Brink, R.
IMMUNITY 31 :259-269, 2009 S1074-7613(09)00313-6 [pii] 10.1016/j.immuni.2009.06.016
OpenAccess publication Follicular helper T cells are required for systemic autoimmunity
Linterman, M.A.; Rigby, R.J.; Wong, R.K.; Yu, D.; Brink, R.; Cannons, J.L.; Schwartzberg, P.L.; Cook, M.C.; Walters, G.D.; Vinuesa, C.G.
OpenAccess publication Roquin differentiates the specialized functions of duplicated T cell costimulatory receptor genes CD28 and ICOS
Linterman, M.A.; Rigby, R.J.; Wong, R.; Silva, D.; Withers, D.; Anderson, G.; Verma, N.K.; Brink, R.; Hutloff, A.; Goodnow, C.C.; Vinuesa, C.G.
IMMUNITY 30 (2) :228-41, 2009
OpenAccess publication Increased CD4+Foxp3+ T cells in BAFF-transgenic mice suppress T cell effector responses
Walters, S.; Webster, K. E.; Sutherland, A.; Gardam, S.; Groom, J.; Liuwantara, D.; Marino, E.; Thaxton, J.; Weinberg, A.; Mackay, F.; Brink, R.; Sprent, J.; Grey, S. T.;
JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 182 (2) :793-801, 2009
OpenAccess publication TWEAK-FN14 signaling induces lysosomal degradation of a cIAP1-TRAF2 complex to sensitize tumor cells to TNFalpha
Vince, J.E.;Chau, D;Callus, B.;Wong, W.W;Hawkins, C.J.; Schneider, P;McKinlay, M;Benetatos, C.A.;Condon, S. M.; Chunduru, S.K.; Yeoh, G.;Brink, R.;Vaux, D.L.;Silke, J.:
JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 182 (1) :171-84, 2008
OpenAccess publication Visualizing the effects of antigen affinity on T-dependent B-cell differentiation
Brink, R.;Phan, T. G.;Paus, D.;Chan, T. D. :
OpenAccess publication TRAF2 and TRAF3 Signal Adapters Act Cooperatively to Control the Maturation and Survival Signals Delivered to B Cells by the BAFF Receptor
Gardam, S.;Sierro, F.;Basten, A.;Mackay, F.;Brink, R. :
IMMUNITY 28 (3) :391-401, 2008
OpenAccess publication IAP antagonists target cIAP1 to induce TNFalpha-dependent apoptosis
Vince, J. E.;Wong, W. W.;Khan, N.;Feltham, R.;Chau, D.;Ahmed, A. U.;Benetatos, C. A.;Chunduru, S. K.;Condon, S. M.;McKinlay, M.;Brink, R.;Leverkus, M.;Tergaonkar, V.;Schneider, P.;Callus, B. A.;Koentgen, F.;Vaux, D. L.;Silke, J. :
CELL 131 (4) :682-93, 2007
OpenAccess publication B cells and the BAFF/APRIL axis: fast-forward on autoimmunity and signaling
Mackay, F.;Silveira, P. A.;Brink, R. :
OpenAccess publication Germinal-center B cells in the zone
Brink, R. :
IMMUNITY 26 (5) :552-4, 2007
High affinity germinal center B cells are actively selected into the plasma cell compartment
Phan, T. G.;Paus, D.;Chan, T. D.;Turner, M. L.;Nutt, S. L.;Basten, A.;Brink, R. :
B cell self tolerance
Brink, R.; Basten, A.; Rose, N.; Mackay, I.
The Autoimmune Diseases 4th :167-177, 2006