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Expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism correlate with peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma expression in human skeletal muscle
Lapsys, N. M.;Kriketos, A. D.;Lim-Fraser, M.;Poynten, A. M.;Lowy, A.;Furler, S. M.;Chisholm, D. J.;Cooney, G. J. :
Adrenalectomy reduces neuropeptide Y-induced insulin release and NPY receptor expression in the rat ventromedial hypothalamus
Wisialowski, T.;Parker, R.;Preston, E.;Sainsbury, A.;Kraegen, E.;Herzog, H.;Cooney, G. :
Acyl-CoA inhibition of hexokinase in rat and human skeletal muscle is a potential mechanism of lipid-induced insulin resistance
Thompson, A. L.;Cooney, G. J. :
DIABETES 49 (11) :1761-5, 2000
Local factors modulate tissue-specific NEFA utilization: assessment in rats using 3H-(R)-2-bromopalmitate
Furler, S. M.;Cooney, G. J.;Hegarty, B. D.;Lim-Fraser, M. Y.;Kraegen, E. W.;Oakes, N. D. :
DIABETES 49 (9) :1427-33, 2000
The role of free fatty acids in muscle insulin resistance
Kraegen, E. W.; Cooney, G. J.; Marshall, S. M.; Home, P. D.; Rizza, R. A.
The Diabetes Annual 12 :141-159, 1999
Plasma insulin rise precedes rise in ob mRNA expression and plasma leptin in gold thioglucose-obese mice
Bryson, J. M.;Phuyal, J. L.;Proctor, D. R.;Blair, S. C.;Caterson, I. D.;Cooney, G. J. :
Am J Physiol 276 (2 Pt 1) :E358-64, 1999
In vivo quantification of glucose uptake and conversion to glycogen in individual muscles of the rat following exercise
Furler, S. M.;Goldstein, M.;Cooney, G. J.;Kraegen, E. W. :
Ritonavir has paradoxical effects on lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity in rats compared with humans
Ye, J. M.;Samaras, K.;Bonner, K. M.;Cooney, G. J.;Chisholm, D. J.;Kraegen, E. W. :
AIDS 12 (16) :2236-7, 1998
Muscle lipid availability and insulin resistance
Kraegen, E. W.;Oakes, N. D.;Cooney, G. C.;Laybutt, D. R.;Bell, K. S.;Schmitz-Peiffer, C.;Biden, T. J.;Chisholm, D. J. :
Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes 105 (Suppl 3) :16-17, 1997
Selective chronic regulation of GLUT1 and GLUT4 content by insulin, glucose, and lipid in rat cardiac muscle in vivo
Laybutt, D. R.;Thompson, A. L.;Cooney, G. J.;Kraegen, E. W. :
Am J Physiol 273 (3 Pt 2) :H1309-16, 1997
Mechanisms of liver and muscle insulin resistance induced by chronic high-fat feeding
Oakes, N. D.;Cooney, G. J.;Camilleri, S.;Chisholm, D. J.;Kraegen, E. W. :
DIABETES 46 (11) :1768-74, 1997
Dietary fats and insulin action
Storlien, L. H.;Baur, L. A.;Kriketos, A. D.;Pan, D. A.;Cooney, G. J.;Jenkins, A. B.;Calvert, G. D.;Campbell, L. V. :
DIABETOLOGIA 39 (6) :621-31, 1996
The role of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex in the control of glucose and lipid metabolism
Cooney, G. J.; Denyer, G. S.; Bryson, J. M.; Kraegen, E. W.; Jenkins, A. B.; Storlien, L. H.; Caterson, I. D.; Sutton, J. R.; Balnave, R.
Exercise, Metabolism and Nutrition :33-38, 1993
Effects of blockade of fatty acid oxidation on whole body and tissue-specific glucose metabolism in rats
Jenkins, A. B.;Storlien, L. H.;Cooney, G. J.;Denyer, G. S.;Caterson, I. D.;Kraegen, E. W. :
Am J Physiol 265 (4 Pt 1) :E592-600, 1993
In vivo insulin sensitivity of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex in tissues of the rat
Cooney, G. J.;Denyer, G. S.;Jenkins, A. B.;Storlien, L. H.;Kraegen, E. W.;Caterson, I. D. :
Am J Physiol 265 (1 Pt 1) :E102-7, 1993