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B cell-activating factor belonging to the TNF family (BAFF)-R is the principal BAFF receptor facilitating BAFF costimulation of circulating T and B cells
Ng, L. G.;Sutherland, A. P.;Newton, R.;Qian, F.;Cachero, T. G.;Scott, M. L.;Thompson, J. S.;Wheway, J.;Chtanova, T.;Groom, J.;Sutton, I. J.;Xin, C.;Tangye, S. G.;Kalled, S. L.;Mackay, F.;Mackay, C. R. :
JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 173 (2) :807-17, 2004
T follicular helper cells express a distinctive transcriptional profile, reflecting their role as non-Th1/Th2 effector cells that provide help for B cells
Chtanova, T.;Tangye, S. G.;Newton, R.;Frank, N.;Hodge, M. R.;Rolph, M. S.;Mackay, C. R. :
JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 173 (1) :68-78, 2004
T cell effector subsets: extending the Th1/Th2 paradigm
Chtanova, T.;Mackay, C. R. :
Advances in Immunology 78 :233-66, 2001
Gene microarrays reveal extensive differential gene expression in both CD4(+) and CD8(+) type 1 and type 2 T cells
Chtanova, T.;Kemp, R. A.;Sutherland, A. P.;Ronchese, F.;Mackay, C. R. :
JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 167 (6) :3057-63, 2001