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Protein kinase C and lipid-induced insulin resistance in skeletal muscle
Schmitz-Peiffer, C. :
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 967 :146-57, 2002
A role for protein phosphatase 2A-like activity, but not atypical protein kinase Czeta, in the inhibition of protein kinase B/Akt and glycogen synthesis by palmitate
Cazzolli, R.;Carpenter, L.;Biden, T. J.;Schmitz-Peiffer, C. :
DIABETES 50 (10) :2210-8, 2001
Acute reversal of lipid-induced muscle insulin resistance is associated with rapid alteration in PKC-theta localization
Bell, K. S.;Schmitz-Peiffer, C.;Lim-Fraser, M.;Biden, T. J.;Cooney, G. J.;Kraegen, E. W. :
Signalling aspects of insulin resistance in skeletal muscle: mechanisms induced by lipid oversupply
Schmitz-Peiffer, C. :
CELLULAR SIGNALLING 12 (9-10) :583-94, 2000
Ceramide generation is sufficient to account for the inhibition of the insulin-stimulated PKB pathway in C2C12 skeletal muscle cells pretreated with palmitate
Schmitz-Peiffer, C.;Craig, D. L.;Biden, T. J. :
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 274 (34) :24202-10, 1999
Muscle lipid accumulation and protein kinase C activation in the insulin-resistant chronically glucose-infused rat
Laybutt, D. R.;Schmitz-Peiffer, C.;Saha, A. K.;Ruderman, N. B.;Biden, T. J.;Kraegen, E. W. :
Am J Physiol 277 (6 Pt 1) :E1070-6, 1999
Activated protein kinase C alpha associates with annexin VI from skeletal muscle
Schmitz-Peiffer, C.;Browne, C. L.;Walker, J. H.;Biden, T. J. :
BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 330 ( Pt 2) :675-81, 1998
Malonyl CoA as a metabolic switch and a regulator of insulin sensitivity
Ruderman, N. B.;Saha, A. K.;Vavvas, D.;Kurowski, T.;Laybutt, D. R.;Schmitz-Peiffer, C.;Biden, T.;Kraegen, E. W. :
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 441 :263-70, 1998
Muscle lipid availability and insulin resistance
Kraegen, E. W.;Oakes, N. D.;Cooney, G. C.;Laybutt, D. R.;Bell, K. S.;Schmitz-Peiffer, C.;Biden, T. J.;Chisholm, D. J. :
Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes 105 (Suppl 3) :16-17, 1997
Alterations in the expression and cellular localization of protein kinase C isozymes epsilon and theta are associated with insulin resistance in skeletal muscle of the high-fat-fed rat
Schmitz-Peiffer, C.;Browne, C. L.;Oakes, N. D.;Watkinson, A.;Chisholm, D. J.;Kraegen, E. W.;Biden, T. J. :
DIABETES 46 (2) :169-78, 1997
Reversal of chronic alterations of skeletal muscle protein kinase C from fat-fed rats by BRL-49653
Schmitz-Peiffer, C.;Oakes, N. D.;Browne, C. L.;Kraegen, E. W.;Biden, T. J. :
Am J Physiol 273 (5 Pt 1) :E915-21, 1997
Characterization of two forms of protein kinase C alpha, with different substrate specificities, from skeletal muscle
Schmitz-Peiffer, C.;Browne, C. L.;Biden, T. J. :
BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 320 ( Pt 1) :207-14, 1996
Synergistic interaction of Y1-neuropeptide Y and alpha 1b-adrenergic receptors in the regulation of phospholipase C, protein kinase C, and arachidonic acid production
Selbie, L. A.;Darby, K.;Schmitz-Peiffer, C.;Browne, C. L.;Herzog, H.;Shine, J.;Biden, T. J. :
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 270 (20) :11789-96, 1995
Molecular cloning and characterization of PKC iota, an atypical isoform of protein kinase C derived from insulin-secreting cells
Selbie, L. A.;Schmitz-Peiffer, C.;Sheng, Y.;Biden, T. J. :
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 268 (32) :24296-302, 1993