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OpenAccess publication The evolution of insulin resistance in muscle of the glucose infused rat
Brandon, A. E.; Hoy, A. J.; Wright, L. E.; Turner, N.; Hegarty, B. D.; Iseli, T. J.; Julia Xu, X.; Cooney, G. J.; Saha, A. K.; Ruderman, N. B.; Kraegen, E. W.
ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 509 (2) :133-41, 2011 10.1016/
OpenAccess publication Amelioration of lipid-induced insulin resistance in rat skeletal muscle by overexpression of Pgc-1beta involves reductions in long-chain acyl-CoA levels and oxidative stress
Wright, L. E.; Brandon, A. E.; Hoy, A. J.; Forsberg, G. B.; Lelliott, C. J.; Reznick, J.; Lofgren, L.; Oscarsson, J.; Stromstedt, M.; Cooney, G. J.; Turner, N.:
DIABETOLOGIA 54 (6) :1417-26, 2011 10.1007/s00125-011-2068-x
OpenAccess publication The effect of alpha-actinin-3 deficiency on muscle aging
Seto, J. T.; Chan, S.; Turner, N.; MacArthur, D. G.; Raftery, J. M.; Berman, Y. D.; Quinlan, K. G.; Cooney, G. J.; Head, S.; Yang, N.; North, K. N.;
EXPERIMENTAL GERONTOLOGY 46 (4) :292-302, 2011
OpenAccess publication PPARdelta agonists have opposing effects on insulin resistance in high fat-fed rats and mice due to different metabolic responses in muscle
Ye, J. M.; Tid-Ang, J.; Turner, N.; Zeng, X. Y.; Li, H. Y.; Cooney, G. J.; Wulff, E. M.; Sauerberg, P.; Kraegen, E. W.;
OpenAccess publication Differential regulation of adaptive and apoptotic unfolded protein response signalling by cytokine-induced nitric oxide production in mouse pancreatic beta cells
Chan, J. Y.; Cooney, G. J.; Biden, T. J.; Laybutt, D. R.;
DIABETOLOGIA 54 (7) :1766-76, 2011
OpenAccess publication The adaptor protein APPL1 increases glycogen accumulation in rat skeletal muscle through activation of the PI3-kinase signalling pathway
Cleasby, M. E.; Lau, Q.; Polkinghorne, E.; Patel, S. A.; Leslie, S. J.; Turner, N.; Cooney, G. J.; Xu, A.; Kraegen, E. W.;
JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY 210 (1) :81-92, 2011
OpenAccess publication Overexpression of the orphan receptor Nur77 alters glucose metabolism in rat muscle cells and rat muscle in vivo
Kanzleiter, T.; Preston, E.; Wilks, D.; Ho, B.; Benrick, A.; Reznick, J.; Heilbronn, L. K.; Turner, N.; Cooney, G. J.
DIABETES 1792 :777-82, 2010 S0925-4439(09)00101-X [pii] 10.1016/j.bbadis.2009.05.002
OpenAccess publication Sialic acid modification of adiponectin is not required for multimerization or secretion but determines half-life in circulation
Richards, A. A.; Colgrave, M. L.; Zhang, J.; Webster, J.; Simpson, F.; Preston, E.; Wilks, D.; Hoehn, K. L.; Stephenson, M.; Macdonald, G. A.; Prins, J. B.; Cooney, G. J.; Xu, A.; Whitehead, J. P.;
MOLECULAR ENDOCRINOLOGY 24 (1) :229-39, 2010
OpenAccess publication Nitrosative modifications of protein and lipid signaling molecules by reactive nitrogen species
White, P. J.; Charbonneau, A.; Cooney, G. J.; Marette, A.;
OpenAccess publication Alpha-actinin-3 deficiency results in reduced glycogen phosphorylase activity and altered calcium handling in skeletal muscle
Quinlan, K. G.; Seto, J. T.; Turner, N.; Vandebrouck, A.; Floetenmeyer, M.; Macarthur, D. G.; Raftery, J. M.; Lek, M.; Yang, N.; Parton, R. G.; Cooney, G. J.; North, K. N.;
HUMAN MOLECULAR GENETICS 19 (7) :1335-46, 2010
OpenAccess publication The Ski proto-oncogene regulates body composition and suppresses lipogenesis
Leong, G. M.; Kee, A. J.; Millard, S. M.; Martel, N.; Eriksson, N.; Turner, N.; Cooney, G. J.; Hardeman, E. C.; Muscat, G. E.;
OpenAccess publication Acute or chronic upregulation of mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation has no net effect on whole-body energy expenditure or adiposity
Hoehn, K. L.; Turner, N.; Swarbrick, M. M.; Wilks, D.; Preston, E.; Phua, Y.; Joshi, H.; Furler, S. M.; Larance, M.; Hegarty, B. D.; Leslie, S. J.; Pickford, R.; Hoy, A. J.; Kraegen, E. W.; James, D. E.; Cooney, G. J.;
Cell Metabolism 11 (1) :70-6, 2010
OpenAccess publication Diverse roles for protein kinase C delta and protein kinase C epsilon in the generation of high-fat-diet-induced glucose intolerance in mice: regulation of lipogenesis by protein kinase C delta
Frangioudakis, G.; Burchfield, J.G.; Narasimhan, S.; Cooney, G.J.; Leitges, M.; Biden, T.J.; Schmitz-Peiffer, C.:
DIABETOLOGIA 52 (12) :2616, 2009
OpenAccess publication Insulin resistance is a cellular antioxidant defense mechanism
Hoehn, K. L.; Salmon, A. B.; Hohnen-Behrens, C.; Turner, N.; Hoy, A. J.; Maghzal, G. J.; Stocker, R.; Van Remmen, H.; Kraegen, E. W.; Cooney, G. J.; Richardson, A. R.; James, D. E.
PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 106 (42) :17787-92, 2009 0902380106 [pii] 10.1073/pnas.0902380106
OpenAccess publication Regulation of the nuclear hormone receptor nur77 in muscle: Influence of exercise-activated pathways in vitro and obesity in vivo
Kanzleiter, T.; Wilks, D.; Preston, E.; Ye, J.; Frangioudakis, G.; Cooney, G. J.;
BBA-MOL BASIS DIS 1792 (8) :777-82, 2009