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OpenAccess publication Gata-3 and mammary cell fate
Naylor, M. J.;Ormandy, C. J. :
BREAST CANCER RES 9 (2) :302, 2007
OpenAccess publication Socs2 and elf5 mediate prolactin-induced mammary gland development
Harris, J.;Stanford, P. M.;Sutherland, K.;Oakes, S. R.;Naylor, M. J.;Robertson, F. G.;Blazek, K. D.;Kazlauskas, M.;Hilton, H. N.;Wittlin, S.;Alexander, W. S.;Lindeman, G. J.;Visvader, J. E.;Ormandy, C. J. :
MOLECULAR ENDOCRINOLOGY 20 (5) :1177-87, 2006
OpenAccess publication c-Myc overexpression and endocrine resistance in breast cancer
McNeil, C. M.;Sergio, C. M.;Anderson, L. R.;Inman, C. K.;Eggleton, S. A.;Murphy, N. C.;Millar, E. K. A.;Crea, P.;Kench, J. G.;Alles, M. C.;Gardiner-Garden, M.;Ormandy, C. J.;Butt, A. J.;Henshall, S. M.;Musgrove, E. A.;Sutherland, R. L. :
OpenAccess publication Prolactin delays hair regrowth in mice
Craven, A. J.;Nixon, A. J.;Ashby, M. G.;Ormandy, C. J.;Blazek, K.;Wilkins, R. J.;Pearson, A. J. :
JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY 191 (2) :415-25, 2006
The alveolar switch: coordinating the proliferative cues and cell fate decisions that drive the formation of lobuloalveoli from ductal epithelium
Oakes, S. R.;Hilton, H. N.;Ormandy, C. J. :
BREAST CANCER RES 8 (2) :207, 2006
Review: Zhu, T et al. Oncogenic transformation of human mammary epithelial cells by autocrine human growth hormone. Cancer Research, 2005. 65(1): p. 317-24
Ormandy, C. J. :
Breast Cancer Online (BCO) 2005
Elf5 is essential for early embryogenesis and mammary gland development during pregnancy and lactation
Zhou, J.;Chehab, R.;Tkalcevic, J.;Naylor, M. J.;Harris, J.;Wilson, T. J.;Tsao, S.;Tellis, I.;Zavarsek, S.;Xu, D.;Lapinskas, E. J.;Visvader, J.;Lindeman, G. J.;Thomas, R.;Ormandy, C. J.;Hertzog, P. J.;Kola, I.;Pritchard, M. A. :
EMBO JOURNAL 24 (3) :635-44, 2005
Prolactin and growth hormone regulate adiponectin secretion and receptor expression in adipose tissue
Nilsson, L.;Binart, N.;Bohlooly, Y. M.;Bramnert, M.;Egecioglu, E.;Kindblom, J.;Kelly, P. A.;Kopchick, J. J.;Ormandy, C. J.;Ling, C.;Billig, H. :
Transcriptional changes underlying the secretory activation phase of mammary gland development
Naylor, M. J.;Oakes, S. R.;Gardiner-Garden, M.;Harris, J.;Blazek, K.;Ho, T. W.;Li, F. C.;Wynick, D.;Walker, A. M.;Ormandy, C. J. :
MOLECULAR ENDOCRINOLOGY 19 (7) :1868-83, 2005
Improved glucose homeostasis and enhanced insulin signalling in Grb14-deficient mice
Cooney, G. J.;Lyons, R. J.;Crew, A. J.;Jensen, T. E.;Molero, J. C.;Mitchell, C. J.;Biden, T. J.;Ormandy, C. J.;James, D. E.;Daly, R. J. :
EMBO JOURNAL 23 (3) :582-93, 2004
Prolactin and the prolactin receptor: new targets of an old hormone
Harris, J.;Stanford, P. M.;Oakes, S. R.;Ormandy, C. J. :
ANNALS OF MEDICINE 36 (6) :414-25, 2004
Edd, the murine hyperplastic disc gene, is essential for yolk sac vascularization and chorioallantoic fusion
Saunders, D. N.;Hird, S. L.;Withington, S. L.;Dunwoodie, S. L.;Henderson, M. J.;Biben, C.;Sutherland, R. L.;Ormandy, C. J.;Watts, C. K. :
Role of the CDK inhibitor p27 (Kip1) in mammary development and carcinogenesis: insights from knockout mice
Musgrove, E. A.;Davison, E. A.;Ormandy, C. J. :
J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia 9 (1) :55-66, 2004
Prostate hyperplasia in a transgenic mouse with prostate-specific expression of prolactin
Kindblom, J.;Dillner, K.;Sahlin, L.;Robertson, F.;Ormandy, C.;Tornell, J.;Wennbo, H. :
ENDOCRINOLOGY 144 (6) :2269-78, 2003
Local insulin-like growth factor-II mediates prolactin-induced mammary gland development
Hovey, R. C.;Harris, J.;Hadsell, D. L.;Lee, A. V.;Ormandy, C. J.;Vonderhaar, B. K. :
MOLECULAR ENDOCRINOLOGY 17 (3) :460-71, 2003