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OpenAccess publication Etiologic, environmental and inherited risk factors in sarcomas
Thomas, D. M.; Ballinger, M. L.;
JOURNAL OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY 111 (5) :490-495, 2015
OpenAccess publication Accepting risk in the acceleration of drug development for rare cancers
Ashley, D.; Thomas, D.M.; Gore, L.; Carter, R.; Zalcberg, J. R.; Otmar, R.; Savulescu, J.;
LANCET ONCOLOGY 16 (4) :e190-194, 2015
OpenAccess publication Clinical implications of genomics for cancer risk genetics.
Thomas, D. M.; James, P.A.; Ballinger, M. L.;
LANCET ONCOLOGY 16 :e303-308, 2015
The psychosocial effects of a whole body MRI screening trial in sarcoma patients with a germline Tp53 mutation
McBride, K. A.; Young, M. A.; Schlub, T. E.; Kirk, J.; Tattersall, M. H. N.; Ballinger, M.; Thomas, D.; Mitchell, G.;
Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology 11 :178-178, 2015
OpenAccess publication Surveillance recommendations for patients with germline TP53 mutations
Ballinger, M. L.; Mitchell, G.; Thomas, D. M.;
CURRENT OPINION IN ONCOLOGY 27 (4) :332-337, 2015
OpenAccess publication Assessing the clinical value of targeted massively parallel sequencing in a longitudinal, prospective population-based study of cancer patients
Wong, S. Q.; Fellowes, A.; Doig, K.; Ellul, J.; Bosma, T. J.; Irwin, D.; Vedururu, R.; Tan, A. Y.; Weiss, J.; Chan, K. S.; Lucas, M.; Thomas, D. M.; Dobrovic, A.; Parisot, J. P.; Fox, S. B.;
British Journal of Cancer 112 (8) :1411-1420, 2015
OpenAccess publication Precision medicine for advanced pancreas cancer: the individualized molecular pancreatic cancer therapy (IMPaCT) trial
Chantrill, L. A.; Nagrial, A. M.; Watson, C.; Johns, A. L.; Martyn-Smith, M.; Simpson, S.; Mead, S.; Jones, M. D.; Samra, J. S.; Gill, A. J.; Watson, N.; Chin, V. T.; Humphris, J. L.; Chou, A.; Brown, B.; Morey, A.; Pajic, M.; Grimmond, S. M.; Chang, D. K.; Thomas, D.; Sebastian, L.; Sjoquist, K.; Yip, S.; Pavlakis, N.; Asghari, R.; Harvey, S.
CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 21 (9) :2029-2037, 2015
Distinguishing activity from progress
Tattersall, M. H.; Thomas, D. M.;
LANCET ONCOLOGY 16 (16) :1586-8, 2015
OpenAccess publication A genome-wide scan identifies variants in NFIB associated with metastasis in patients with osteosarcoma
Mirabello, L.; Koster, R.; Moriarity, B. S.; Spector, L. G.; Meltzer, P. S.; Gary, J.; Machiela, M. J.; Pankratz, N.; Panagiotou, O. A.; Largaespada, D.; Wang, Z.; Gastier-Foster, J. M.; Gorlick, R.; Khanna, C.; Caminada de Toledo, S. R.; Petrilli, A. S.; Patino-Garcia, A.; Sierrasesumaga, L.; Lecanda, F.; Andrulis, I. L.; Wunder, J. S.; Gokgoz, N.; Serra, M.; Hattinger, C.; Picci, P.; Scotlandi, K.; Flanagan, A. M.; Tirabosco, R.; Fernanda Amary, M.; Halai, D.; Ballinger, M. L.; Thomas, D. M.;
Cancer Discovery 5 (9) :920-931, 2015
OpenAccess publication ""Cancer 2015"": A Prospective, Population-Based Cancer Cohort-Phase 1: Feasibility of Genomics-Guided Precision Medicine in the Clinic
Parisot, J. P.; Thorne, H.; Fellowes, A.; Doig, K.; Lucas, M.; McNeil, J. J.; Doble, B.; Dobrovic, A.; John, T.; James, P. A.; Lipton, L.; Ashley, D.; Hayes, T.; McMurrick, P.; Richardson, G.; Lorgelly, P.; Fox, S. B.; Thomas, D. M.;
Journal of Personalized Medicine 5 (4) :354-369, 2015
OpenAccess publication Translational biology of osteosarcoma
Kansara, M.; Teng, M. W.; Smyth, M. J.; Thomas, D. M.;
NATURE REVIEWS CANCER 14 (11) :722-35, 2014
OpenAccess publication The architecture and evolution of cancer neochromosomes
Garsed, D..W.; Marshall, O. J.; Corbin, V.D.A.; Hsu, A.; Di Stefano, A. L.; Schroder, J.; Li, J.; Feng, Z-P.; Kim, B.W.; Kowarsky, M.; Lansdell, B.; Brookwell, R.; Myklebost, O.; Meza-Zepeda, L.; Holloway, A.J.; Pedeutour, F.; Choo, K.H.A.; Damore, M. A.; Deans, A. J.; Papenfuss, A. T.; Thomas, D. M.;
CANCER CELL 26 :653-667, 2014
OpenAccess publication RB1-mediated cell-autonomous and host-dependent oncosuppressor mechanisms in radiation-induced osteosarcoma
Kansara, M.; Thomas, D. M.;
Oncoimmunology 3 (1) :e27569, 2014
OpenAccess publication Sequence artefacts in a prospective series of formalin-fixed tumours tested for mutations in hotspot regions by massively parallel sequencing
Wong, S. Q.; Li, J.; Tan, A. Y.; Vedururu, R.; Pang, J. M.; Do, H.; Ellul, J.; Doig, K.; Bell, A.; MacArthur, G. A.; Fox, S. B.; Thomas, D. M.; Fellowes, A.; Parisot, J. P.; Dobrovic, A.; Cohort, Cancer;
BMC Genomics 7 :23, 2014
OpenAccess publication A phase Ib/II translational study of sunitinib with neoadjuvant radiotherapy in soft-tissue sarcoma
Lewin, J.; Khamly, K. K.; Young, R. J.; Mitchell, C.; Hicks, R. J.; Toner, G. C.; Ngan, S. Y.; Chander, S.; Powell, G. J.; Herschtal, A.; Te Marvelde, L.; Desai, J.; Choong, P. F.; Stacker, S. A.; Achen, M. G.; Ferris, N.; Fox, S.; Slavin, J.; Thomas, D. M.:
British Journal of Cancer 111 (12) :2254-2261, 2014