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Regulation of mitochondrial metabolism in murine skeletal muscle by the medium-chain fatty acid receptor Gpr84
Montgomery, M. K.; Osborne, B.; Brandon, A. E.; O'Reilly, L.; Fiveash, C. E.; Brown, S. H. J.; Wilkins, B. P.; Samsudeen, A.; Yu, J.; Devanapalli, B.; Hertzog, A.; Tolun, A. A.; Kavanagh, T.; Cooper, A. A.; Mitchell, T. W.; Biden, T. J.; Smith, N. J.; Cooney, G. J.; Turner, N.
FASEB JOURNAL 33 (11) :12264-12276, 2019 10.1096/fj.201900234R
Treatment of type 2 diabetes with the designer cytokine IC7Fc
Findeisen, M.; Allen, T. L.; Henstridge, D. C.; Kammoun, H.; Brandon, A. E.; Baggio, L. L.; Watt, K. I.; Pal, M.; Cron, L.; Estevez, E.; Yang, C.; Kowalski, G. M.; O'Reilly, L.; Egan, C.; Sun, E.; Thai, L. M.; Krippner, G.; Adams, T. E.; Lee, R. S.; Grotzinger, J.; Garbers, C.; Risis, S.; Kraakman, M. J.; Mellet, N. A.; Sligar, J.; Kimber, E. T.; Young, R. L.; Cowley, M. A.; Bruce, C. R.; Meikle, P. J.; Baldock, P. A.; Gregorevic, P.; Biden, T. J.; Cooney, G. J.; Keating, D. J.; Drucker, D. J.; Rose-John, S.; Febbraio, M. A.
NATURE 574 (7776) :63-68, 2019 10.1038/s41586-019-1601-9
Oleate disrupts cAMP signaling, contributing to potent stimulation of pancreatic beta-cell autophagy
Chu, K. Y.; O'Reilly, L.; Mellet, N.; Meikle, P. J.; Bartley, C.; Biden, T. J.
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 294 (4) :1218-1229, 2019 10.1074/jbc.RA118.004833
Protein Kinase C Epsilon Deletion in Adipose Tissue, but Not in Liver, Improves Glucose Tolerance
Brandon, A. E.; Liao, B. M.; Diakanastasis, B.; Parker, B. L.; Raddatz, K.; McManus, S. A.; O'Reilly, L.; Kimber, E.; van der Kraan, A. G.; Hancock, D.; Henstridge, D. C.; Meikle, P. J.; Cooney, G. J.; James, D. E.; Reibe, S.; Febbraio, M. A.; Biden, T. J.; Schmitz-Peiffer, C.
Cell Metabolism 29 (1) :183-191 e7, 2019 10.1016/j.cmet.2018.09.013
Disruption of beta cell acetyl-CoA carboxylase-1 in mice impairs insulin secretion and beta cell mass
Cantley, J.; Davenport, A.; Vetterli, L.; Nemes, N. J.; Whitworth, P. T.; Boslem, E.; Thai, L. M.; Mellett, N.; Meikle, P. J.; Hoehn, K. L.; James, D. E.; Biden, T. J.
DIABETOLOGIA 62 (1) :99-111, 2019 10.1007/s00125-018-4743-7
OpenAccess publication High dietary fat and sucrose results in an extensive and time-dependent deterioration in health of multiple physiological systems in mice
Burchfield, J. G.; Kebede, M. A.; Meoli, C. C.; Stockli, J.; Whitworth, P. T.; Wright, A. L.; Hoffman, N. J.; Minard, A. Y.; Ma, X.; Krycer, J. R.; Nelson, M. E.; Tan, S. X.; Yau, B.; Thomas, K. C.; Wee, N. K. Y.; Khor, E. C.; Enriquez, R. F.; Vissel, B.; Biden, T. J.; Baldock, P. A.; Hoehn, K. L.; Cantley, J.; Cooney, G. J.; James, D. E.; Fazakerley, D. J.
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 293 (15) :5731-5745, 2018 10.1074/jbc.RA117.000808
Sulfonylureas as Concomitant Insulin Secretagogues and NLRP3 Inflammasome Inhibitors
Hill, J. R.; Coll, R. C.; Sue, N.; Reid, J. C.; Dou, J.; Holley, C. L.; Pelingon, R.; Dickinson, J. B.; Biden, T. J.; Schroder, K.; Cooper, M. A.; Robertson, A. A. B.
ChemMedChem 12 (17) :1449-1457, 2017 10.1002/cmdc.201700270
OpenAccess publication A comprehensive lipidomic screen of pancreatic beta-cells using mass spectroscopy defines novel features of glucose-stimulated turnover of neutral lipids, sphingolipids and plasmalogens
Pearson, G. L.; Mellett, N.; Chu, K. Y.; Boslem, E.; Meikle, P. J.; Biden, T. J.;
Molecular Metabolism 5 (6) :404-14, 2016
OpenAccess publication High-fat diet increases autophagic flux in pancreatic beta cells in vivo and ex vivo in mice
Chu, K. Y.; O'Reilly, L.; Ramm, G.; Biden, T. J.;
DIABETOLOGIA 58 (9) :2074-8, 2015
OpenAccess publication Lipotoxic endoplasmic reticulum stress, beta cell failure, and type 2 diabetes mellitus
Biden, T. J.; Boslem, E.; Chu, K. Y.; Sue, N.;
OpenAccess publication Lysosomal acid lipase and lipophagy are constitutive negative regulators of glucose-stimulated insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells
Pearson, G. L.: Mellett, N.: Chu, K. Y.: Cantley, J.: Davenport, A.: Bourbon, P.: Cosner, C. C.: Helquist, P.: Meikle, P. J.: Biden, T. J.:
DIABETOLOGIA 57 (1) :129-39, 2014 10.1007/s00125-013-3083-x
OpenAccess publication Identification of fatty acid binding protein 4 as an adipokine that regulates insulin secretion during obesity
Wu, L. E.; Samocha-Bonet, D.; Whitworth, P. T.; Fazakerley, D. J.; Turner, N.; Biden, T. J.; James, D. E.; Cantley, J.;
Molecular Metabolism 3 (4) :465-73, 2014
OpenAccess publication Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress induction by the plant toxin, persin, in overcoming resistance to the apoptotic effects of tamoxifen in human breast cancer cells
McCloy, R. A. ; Shelley, E. J. ; Roberts, C. G. ; Boslem, E. ; Biden, T. J. ; Nicholson, R. I. ; Gee, J. M. ; Sutherland, R. L. ; Musgrove, E. A. ; Burgess, A. ; Butt, A. J.;
British Journal of Cancer 109 (12) :3034-41, 2013
OpenAccess publication Alteration of Endoplasmic Reticulum Lipid Rafts Contributes to Lipotoxicity in Pancreatic beta-Cells
Boslem, E.; Weir, J. M.; Macintosh, G.; Sue, N.; Cantley, J.; Meikle, P. J.; Biden, T. J.;
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 288 (37) :26569-82, 2013
OpenAccess publication Failure of the adaptive unfolded protein response in islets of obese mice is linked with abnormalities in beta-cell gene expression and progression to diabetes
Chan, J. Y.; Luzuriaga, J.; Bensellam, M.; Biden, T. J.; Laybutt, D. R.
DIABETES 62 (5) :1557-68, 2013 10.2337/db12-0701