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Memory B cells are reactivated in subcapsular proliferative foci of lymph nodes
Moran, I.; Nguyen, A.; Khoo, W. H.; Butt, D.; Bourne, K.; Young, C.; Hermes, J. R.; Biro, M.; Gracie, G.; Ma, C. S.; Munier, C. M. L.; Luciani, F.; Zaunders, J.; Parker, A.; Kelleher, A. D.; Tangye, S. G.; Croucher, P. I.; Brink, R.; Read, M. N.; Phan, T. G.
Nature Communications 9 (1) :3372, 2018 10.1038/s41467-018-05772-7
Germline-activating mutations in PIK3CD compromise B cell development and function
Avery, D. T.; Kane, A.; Nguyen, T.; Lau, A.; Nguyen, A.; Lenthall, H.; Payne, K.; Shi, W.; Brigden, H.; French, E.; Bier, J.; Hermes, J. R.; Zahra, D.; Sewell, W. A.; Butt, D.; Elliott, M.; Boztug, K.; Meyts, I.; Choo, S.; Hsu, P.; Wong, M.; Berglund, L. J.; Gray, P.; O'Sullivan, M.; Cole, T.; Holland, S. M.; Ma, C. S.; Burkhart, C.; Corcoran, L. M.; Phan, T. G.; Brink, R.; Uzel, G.; Deenick, E. K.; Tangye, S. G.
JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 215 (8) :2073-2095, 2018 10.1084/jem.20180010
CCR6 defines memory B cell precursors in mouse and human germinal centers revealing light zone location and predominant low antigen affinity.
Suan, D.; Krautler, N.J.; Maag, J.L.V.; Butt, D.; Bourne, K.; Hermes, J.R.; Avery, D.T.; Young, C.; Statham, A.; Elliott, M.; Dinger, M.E.; Basten, A.; Tangye, S.G.; Brink, R.
IMMUNITY 47 (6) :1142-1153, 2017 10.1016/j.immuni.2017.11.022
OpenAccess publication Differentiation of germinal center B cells into plasma cells is initiated by high-affinity antigen and completed by Tfh cells
KrA$?utler, NJ.; Suan, D.; Butt, D.; Bourne, K.; Hermes, JR.; Chan, TD.; Sundling, C.; Kaplan, W.; Schofield, P.; Jackson, J.; Basten, A.; Christ, D.; Brink, R.
JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 214 (5) :1259-1267, 2017 10.1084/jem.20161533
OpenAccess publication FAS inactivation releases "Rogue" Germinal Center B cells that escape antigen control and drive IgE and autoantibody production
Butt D, Chan TD, Bourne K, Hermes JR, Nguyen A, O'Reilly L, Strasser A, Schofield P, Christ D,; Basten A, Ma C, Tangye S, Phan TG, Rao VK and Brink R
IMMUNITY 42 (5) :890-902, 2015
OpenAccess publication Elimination of germinal center-derived self-reactive B cells is governed by the location and level of self-antigen
Chan, T.D.; Wood, K.; Hermes, J.R.; Butt, D.; Jolly, C.J.; Basten, A.; Brink, R.
IMMUNITY 37 (5) :893-904, 2012 10.1016/j.immuni.2012.07.017