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Metallothionein 1 negatively regulates glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and is differentially expressed in conditions of beta cell compensation and failure in mice and humans
Bensellam, M.; Shi, Y. C.; Chan, J. Y.; Laybutt, D. R.; Chae, H.; Abou-Samra, M.; Pappas, E. G.; Thomas, H. E.; Gilon, P.; Jonas, J. C.
DIABETOLOGIA 62 (12) :2273-2286, 2019 10.1007/s00125-019-05008-3
Phlda3 regulates beta cell survival during stress
Bensellam, M.; Chan, J. Y.; Lee, K.; Joglekar, M. V.; Hardikar, A. A.; Loudovaris, T.; Thomas, H. E.; Jonas, J. C.; Laybutt, D. R.
Scientific Reports 9 (1) :12827, 2019 10.1038/s41598-019-49289-5
Macrophage alterations in islets of obese mice linked to beta cell disruption in diabetes
Chan, J. Y.; Lee, K.; Maxwell, E. L.; Liang, C.; Laybutt, D. R.
DIABETOLOGIA 62 (6) :993-999, 2019 10.1007/s00125-019-4844-y
Deletion distal to the PAX6 coding region reveals a novel basis for familial cosegregation of aniridia and diabetes mellitus
Macdonald, G. C.; Hesselson, S. E.; Chan, J. Y.; Jenkins, A. B.; Laybutt, D. R.; Hesselson, D.; Campbell, L. V.
DIABETES RESEARCH AND CLINICAL PRACTICE 148 :64-71, 2018 10.1016/j.diabres.2018.12.002
OpenAccess publication On-target action of anti-tropomyosin drugs regulates glucose metabolism
Kee, A. J.; Chagan, J.; Chan, J. Y.; Bryce, N. S.; Lucas, C. A.; Zeng, J.; Hook, J.; Treutlein, H.; Laybutt, D. R.; Stehn, J. R.; Gunning, P. W.; Hardeman, E. C.
Scientific Reports 8 (1) :4604, 2018 10.1038/s41598-018-22946-x
OpenAccess publication Evidence against a role for NLRP3-driven islet inflammation in db/db mice
Kammoun, H. L.; Allen, T. L.; Henstridge, D. C.; Barre, S.; Coll, R. C.; Lancaster, G. I.; Cron, L.; Reibe, S.; Chan, J. Y.; Bensellam, M.; Laybutt, D. R.; Butler, M. S.; Robertson, A. A. B.; O'Neill, L. A.; Cooper, M. A.; Febbraio, M. A.
Molecular Metabolism 10 :66-73, 2018 10.1016/j.molmet.2018.02.001
OpenAccess publication Inhibition of Y1 receptor signaling improves islet transplant outcome
Loh, K.; Shi, Y. C.; Walters, S.; Bensellam, M.; Lee, K.; Dezaki, K.; Nakata, M.; Ip, C. K.; Chan, J. Y.; Gurzov, E. N.; Thomas, H. E.; Waibel, M.; Cantley, J.; Kay, T. W.; Yada, T.; Laybutt, D. R.; Grey, S. T.; Herzog, H.
Nature Communications 8 (1) :490, 2017 10.1038/s41467-017-00624-2
OpenAccess publication Hypoxia reduces ER-to-Golgi protein trafficking and increases cell death by inhibiting the adaptive unfolded protein response in mouse beta cells
Bensellam, M.; Maxwell, E. L.; Chan, J. Y.; Luzuriaga, J.; West, P. K.; Jonas, J. C.; Gunton, J. E.; Laybutt, D. R.;
DIABETOLOGIA 59 (7) :1492-502, 2016
OpenAccess publication A Syntenic Cross Species Aneuploidy Genetic Screen Links RCAN1 Expression to beta-Cell Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes
Peiris, H.; Duffield, M. D.; Fadista, J.; Jessup, C. F.; Kashmir, V.; Genders, A. J.; McGee, S. L.; Martin, A. M.; Saiedi, M.; Morton, N.; Carter, R.; Cousin, M. A.; Kokotos, A. C.; Oskolkov, N.; Volkov, P.; Hough, T. A.; Fisher, E. M.; Tybulewicz, V. L.; Busciglio, J.; Coskun, P. E.; Becker, A.; Belichenko, P. V.; Mobley, W. C.; Ryan, M. T.; Chan, J. Y.; Laybutt, D. R.; Coates, P. T.; Yang, S.; Ling, C.; Groop, L.; Pritchard, M. A.; Keating, D. J.;
PLOS GENET 12 (5) :e1006033, 2016
OpenAccess publication The balance between adaptive and apoptotic unfolded protein responses regulates beta-cell death under ER stress conditions through XBP1, CHOP and JNK
Chan, J. Y.; Luzuriaga, J.; Maxwell, E. L.; West, P. K.; Bensellam, M.; Laybutt, D. R.;
OpenAccess publication Inhibitor of differentiation proteins protect against oxidative stress by regulating the antioxidant-mitochondrial response in mouse beta cells
Bensellam, M.; Montgomery, M. K.; Luzuriaga, J.; Chan, J. Y.; Laybutt, D. R.;
DIABETOLOGIA 58 (4) :758-70, 2015
OpenAccess publication Influence of chronic hyperglycemia on the loss of the unfolded protein response in transplanted islets
Walters, S. N.; Luzuriaga, J.; Chan, J. Y.; Grey, S. T.; Laybutt, D. R.;
JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR ENDOCRINOLOGY 51 (2) :225-32, 2013 10.1530/JME-13-0016
OpenAccess publication Failure of the adaptive unfolded protein response in islets of obese mice is linked with abnormalities in beta-cell gene expression and progression to diabetes
Chan, J. Y.; Luzuriaga, J.; Bensellam, M.; Biden, T. J.; Laybutt, D. R.
DIABETES 62 (5) :1557-68, 2013 10.2337/db12-0701
OpenAccess publication Pharmacological reduction of NEFA restores the efficacy of incretin-based therapies through GLP-1 receptor signalling in the beta cell in mouse models of diabetes
Kang, Z. F.; Deng, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Fan, R. R.; Chan, J. C.; Laybutt, D. R.; Luzuriaga, J.; Xu, G.;
DIABETOLOGIA 56 (2) :423-33, 2013
OpenAccess publication Cross-talk between the unfolded protein response and nuclear factor-kappaB signalling pathways regulates cytokine-mediated beta cell death in MIN6 cells and isolated mouse islets
Chan, J. Y.; Biden, T. J.; Laybutt, D. R.
CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 55 (11) :2999-3009, 2012 10.1007/s00125-012-2657-3