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Adipocyte-specific deletion of IL-6 does not attenuate obesity-induced weight gain or glucose intolerance in mice
Whitham, M.; Pal, M.; Petzold, T.; Hjorth, M.; Egan, C. L.; Brunner, J. S.; Estevez, E.; Iliades, P.; Zivanovic, B.; Reibe, S.; Hughes, W. E.; Findeisen, M.; Hidalgo, J.; Febbraio, M. A.
AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM 317 (4) :E597-E604, 2019 10.1152/ajpendo.00206.2019
OpenAccess publication I-motif DNA structures are formed in the nuclei of human cells
Zeraati, M.; Langley, D. B.; Schofield, P.; Moye, A. L.; Rouet, R.; Hughes, W. E.; Bryan, T. M.; Dinger, M. E.; Christ, D.
Nature Chemistry 10 (6) :631-637, 2018 10.1038/s41557-018-0046-3
OpenAccess publication beta-catenin is important for the development of an insulin responsive pool of GLUT4 glucose transporters in 3T3-L1 adipocytes
Dissanayake, W. C.; Sorrenson, B.; Cognard, E.; Hughes, W. E.; Shepherd, P. R.
EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH 2018 10.1016/j.yexcr.2018.03.011
OpenAccess publication Live imaging molecular changes in junctional tension upon VE-cadherin in zebrafish
Lagendijk, A. K.; Gomez, G. A.; Baek, S.; Hesselson, D.; Hughes, W. E.; Paterson, S.; Conway, D. E.; Belting, H. G.; Affolter, M.; Smith, K. A.; Schwartz, M. A.; Yap, A. S.; Hogan, B. M.
Nature Communications 8 (1) :1402, 2017 10.1038/s41467-017-01325-6
OpenAccess publication IL-21 restricts T follicular regulatory T cell proliferation through Bcl-6 mediated inhibition of responsiveness to IL-2
Jandl, C.; Liu, S. M.; Canete, P. F.; Warren, J.; Hughes, W. E.; Vogelzang, A.; Webster, K.; Craig, M. E.; Uzel, G.; Dent, A.; Stepensky, P.; Keller, B.; Warnatz, K.; Sprent, J.; King, C.;
Nature Communications 8 :14647, 2017 10.1038/ncomms14647
OpenAccess publication A Critical Role for beta-Catenin in Modulating Levels of Insulin Secretion from beta-Cells by Regulating Actin Cytoskeleton and Insulin Vesicle Localization
Sorrenson, B.; Cognard, E.; Lee, K. L.; Dissanayake, W. C.; Fu, Y.; Han, W.; Hughes, W. E.; Shepherd, P. R.;
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 291 (50) :25888-25900, 2016
Flavin-Containing Monooxygenase 3 Reduces Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Lipid-Treated Hepatocytes
Liao, B. M.1, McManus, S. A.1, Hughes, W. E.1,2, Schmitz-Peiffer, C.1,2; 1 Diabetes and Metabolism Division, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, New South Wales, 2010, Australia; 2 St. Vincent's Hospital Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales, Sydney, New South Wales, 2052, Australia
MOLECULAR ENDOCRINOLOGY 30 (4) :417-28, 2016
OpenAccess publication An actin filament population defined by the tropomyosin Tpm3.1 regulates glucose uptake
Kee, A. J.; Yang, L.; Lucas, C. A.; Greenberg, M. J.; Martel, N.; Leong, G. M.; Hughes, W. E.; Cooney, G. J.; James, D. E.; Ostap, E. M.; Han, W.; Gunning, P. W.; Hardeman, E. C.;
TRAFFIC 16 (7) :691-711, 2015
OpenAccess publication Three-dimensional cancer models mimic cell-matrix interactions in the tumour microenvironment
Herrmann, D.; Conway, J. R.; Vennin, C.; Magenau, A.; Hughes, W. E.; Morton, J. P.; Timpson, P.;
CARCINOGENESIS 35 (8) :1671-1679, 2014
OpenAccess publication PI4KIIalpha phosphorylation by GSK3 directs vesicular trafficking to lysosomes
Robinson, J. W.; Leshchyns'ka, I.; Farghaian, H.; Hughes, W. E.; Sytnyk, V.; Neely, G. G.; Cole, A. R.;
BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 464 (1) :145-56, 2014
OpenAccess publication Annexin A6 is a scaffold for PKC? to promote EGFR inactivation.
Koese, M.; Rentero, C.; Vila de Muga, S.; Kota, B.P.; Wood, P.; Cains, R.; Reverter, M.; Alvarez-Guaita, A.; Monastyrskaya, K.; Hughes, W.E.; Tebar, F.; Daly, R.J.; Enrich, C.; Grewal, T.
ONCOGENE 28 (3) :363-377, 2013 10.1038/onc.2012.303
OpenAccess publication Identification of RhoGAP22 as an Akt-dependent regulator of cell motility in response to insulin
Rowland, A.F., Larance, M., Hughes, W.E., James, D.E.
MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY 31 (23) :4789-800, 2011
OpenAccess publication A subset of interleukin-21(+) chemokine receptor CCR9(+) T helper cells target accessory organs of the digestive system in autoimmunity
McGuire, H. M.; Vogelzang, A.; Ma, C. S.; Hughes, W. E.; Silveira, P. A.; Tangye, S. G.; Christ, D.; Fulcher, D.; Falcone, M.; King, C., C.
IMMUNITY 34 (4) :602-15, 2011 S1074-7613(11)00131-2 [pii] 10.1016/j.immuni.2011.01.021
OpenAccess publication Gab2 regulates cytoskeletal organization and migration of mammary epithelial cells by modulating RhoA activation
Abreu, M.T.H.; Hughes, W.E.; Mele, K.; Lyons, R. J.; Rickwood, D.; Browne, B. C.; Bennett, H. L.; Vallotton, P.; Brummer, T.; Daly, R.J.:
MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 22 (1) :105-16, 2011 mbc.E10-03-0185 [pii] 10.1091/mbc.E10-03-0185
OpenAccess publication Beta 2 glycoprotein I is a substrate of thiol oxidoreductases
Passam, F. H.; Rahgozar, S.; Qi, M.; Raftery, M. J.; Wong, J. W.; Tanaka, K.; Ioannou, Y.; Zhang, J. Y.; Gemmell, R.; Qi, J. C.; Giannakopoulos, B.; Hughes, W. E.; Hogg, P. J.; Krilis, S. A.;
Blood 116 (11) :1995-1997, 2010