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Infiltrating myeloid cells drive osteosarcoma progression via GRM4 regulation of IL23.
Kansara, M.; Thomson, K.; Pang, P.; Dutour, A.; Mirabello, L.; Acher, F.; Pin, J. P.; Demicco, E. G.; Yan, J.; Teng, M. W. L.; Smyth, M. J.; Thomas, D. M.
Cancer Discovery 9 (11) :1511-1519, 2019 10.1158/2159-8290.Cd-19-0154
OpenAccess publication Translational biology of osteosarcoma
Kansara, M.; Teng, M. W.; Smyth, M. J.; Thomas, D. M.;
NATURE REVIEWS CANCER 14 (11) :722-35, 2014
OpenAccess publication RB1-mediated cell-autonomous and host-dependent oncosuppressor mechanisms in radiation-induced osteosarcoma
Kansara, M.; Thomas, D. M.;
Oncoimmunology 3 (1) :e27569, 2014