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OpenAccess publication Minimal impact of age and housing temperature on the metabolic phenotype of Acc2-/- mice
Brandon, A. E.; Stuart, E.; Leslie, S. J.; Hoehn, K. L.; James, D. E.; Kraegen, E. W.; Turner, N.; Cooney, G. J.;
JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY 228 (3) :127-34, 2016
OpenAccess publication Overexpression of SIRT1 in rat skeletal muscle does not alter glucose induced insulin resistance
Brandon, A. E.; Tid-Ang, J.; Wright, L. E.; Stuart, E.; Suryana, E.; Bentley, N.; Turner, N.; Cooney, G. J.; Ruderman, N. B.; Kraegen, E. W.;
PLoS One 10 (3) :e0121959, 2015 10.1371/journal.pone.0121959
OpenAccess publication Nutrient Excess and AMPK Downregulation in Incubated Skeletal Muscle and Muscle of Glucose Infused Rats
Coughlan, K. A. ; Balon, T. W. ; Valentine, R. J. ; Petrocelli, R. ; Schultz, V. ; Brandon, A. ; Cooney, G. J. ; Kraegen, E. W. ; Ruderman, N. B. ; Saha, A. K.;
PLoS One 10 (5) :e0127388, 2015
OpenAccess publication Fatty acid metabolism, energy expenditure and insulin resistance in muscle
Turner, N. ; Cooney, G. J. ; Kraegen, E. W. ; Bruce, C. R.;
JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY 220 (2) :T61-79, 2014
OpenAccess publication Overexpression of manganese superoxide dismutase ameliorates high-fat diet-induced insulin resistance in rat skeletal muscle
Boden, M. J.; Brandon, A. E.; Tid-Ang, J. D.; Preston, E.; Wilks, D.; Stuart, E.; Cleasby, M. E.; Turner, N.; Cooney, G. J.; Kraegen, E. W.;
OpenAccess publication Oleanolic acid reduces hyperglycemia beyond treatment period with Akt/FoxO1-induced suppression of hepatic gluconeogenesis in type-2 diabetic mice
Zeng, X. Y.; Wang, Y. P.; Cantley, J.; Iseli, T. J.; Molero, J. C.; Hegarty, B. D.; Kraegen, E. W.; Ye, Y.; Ye, J. M.;
PLoS One 7 (7) :e42115, 2012
OpenAccess publication Differing endoplasmic reticulum stress response to excess lipogenesis versus lipid oversupply in relation to hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance
Ren, L. P.; Chan, S. M.; Zeng, X. Y.; Laybutt, D. R.; Iseli, T. J.; Sun, R. Q.; Kraegen, E. W.; Cooney, G. J.; Turner, N.; Ye, J. M.;
PLoS One 7 (2) :e30816, 2012
OpenAccess publication Overexpression of the adiponectin receptor AdipoR1 in rat skeletal muscle amplifies local insulin sensitivity
Patel, S. A.; Hoehn, K. L.; Lawrence, R. T.; Sawbridge, L.; Talbot, N. A.; Tomsig, J. L.; Turner, N.; Cooney, G. J.; Whitehead, J. P.; Kraegen, E. W.; Cleasby, M. E.;
ENDOCRINOLOGY 153 (11) :5231-46, 2012
OpenAccess publication Insulin resistance due to nutrient excess: Is it a consequence of AMPK downregulation?
Saha, A. K.; Xu, X. J.; Balon, T. W.; Brandon, A.; Kraegen, E. W.; Ruderman, N. B.;
CELL CYCLE 10 (20) :3447-51, 2011
OpenAccess publication Central neuropeptide Y infusion and melanocortin 4 receptor antagonism inhibit thyrotropic function by divergent pathways
Preston, E.; Cooney, G.J.; Wilks, D.; Baran, K.; Zhang, L.; Kraegen, E.W.; Sainsbury, A.
NEUROPEPTIDES 45 (6) :407-15, 2011 S0143-4179(11)00070-9 [pii] 10.1016/j.npep.2011.07.009
OpenAccess publication The evolution of insulin resistance in muscle of the glucose infused rat
Brandon, A. E.; Hoy, A. J.; Wright, L. E.; Turner, N.; Hegarty, B. D.; Iseli, T. J.; Julia Xu, X.; Cooney, G. J.; Saha, A. K.; Ruderman, N. B.; Kraegen, E. W.
ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 509 (2) :133-41, 2011 10.1016/
OpenAccess publication The adaptor protein APPL1 increases glycogen accumulation in rat skeletal muscle through activation of the PI3-kinase signalling pathway
Cleasby, M. E.; Lau, Q.; Polkinghorne, E.; Patel, S. A.; Leslie, S. J.; Turner, N.; Cooney, G. J.; Xu, A.; Kraegen, E. W.;
JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY 210 (1) :81-92, 2011
OpenAccess publication PPARdelta agonists have opposing effects on insulin resistance in high fat-fed rats and mice due to different metabolic responses in muscle
Ye, J. M.; Tid-Ang, J.; Turner, N.; Zeng, X. Y.; Li, H. Y.; Cooney, G. J.; Wulff, E. M.; Sauerberg, P.; Kraegen, E. W.;
OpenAccess publication Acute or chronic upregulation of mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation has no net effect on whole-body energy expenditure or adiposity
Hoehn, K. L.; Turner, N.; Swarbrick, M. M.; Wilks, D.; Preston, E.; Phua, Y.; Joshi, H.; Furler, S. M.; Larance, M.; Hegarty, B. D.; Leslie, S. J.; Pickford, R.; Hoy, A. J.; Kraegen, E. W.; James, D. E.; Cooney, G. J.;
Cell Metabolism 11 (1) :70-6, 2010
OpenAccess publication Downregulation of AMPK accompanies leucine- and glucose-induced increases in protein synthesis and insulin resistance in rat skeletal muscle
Saha, A. K.; Xu, X. J.; Lawson, E.; Deoliveira, R.; Brandon, A. E.; Kraegen, E. W.; Ruderman, N. B.;
DIABETES 59 (10) :2426-34, 2010
OpenAccess publication Mice lacking the neuropeptide alpha-calcitonin gene-related peptide are protected against diet-induced obesity
Walker, C. S.; Li, X.; Whiting, L.; Glyn-Jones, S.; Zhang, S.; Hickey, A. J.; Sewell, M. A.; Ruggiero, K.; Phillips, A. R.; Kraegen, E. W.; Hay, D. L.; Cooper, G. J.; Loomes, K. M.;
ENDOCRINOLOGY 151 (9) :4257-69, 2010