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CNS cell type-specific gene profiling of P301S tau transgenic mice identifies genes dysregulated by progressive tau accumulation
Ke, Y. D.; Chan, G.; Stefanoska, K.; Au, C.; Bi, M.; Muller, J.; Przybyla, M.; Feiten, A.; Prikas, E.; Halliday, G. M.; Piguet, O.; Kiernan, M. C.; Kassiou, M.; Hodges, J. R.; Loy, C. T.; Mattick, J. S.; Ittner, A.; Kril, J. J.; Sutherland, G. T.; Ittner, L. M.
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 294 (38) :14149-14162, 2019 10.1074/jbc.RA118.005263
Accurate detection of m(6)A RNA modifications in native RNA sequences
Liu, H.; Begik, O.; Lucas, M. C.; Ramirez, J. M.; Mason, C. E.; Wiener, D.; Schwartz, S.; Mattick, J. S.; Smith, M. A.; Novoa, E. M.
Nature Communications 10 (1) :4079, 2019 10.1038/s41467-019-11713-9
Enhancers active in dopamine neurons are a primary link between genetic variation and neuropsychiatric disease
Dong, X.; Liao, Z.; Gritsch, D.; Hadzhiev, Y.; Bai, Y.; Locascio, J. J.; Guennewig, B.; Liu, G.; Blauwendraat, C.; Wang, T.; Adler, C. H.; Hedreen, J. C.; Faull, R. L. M.; Frosch, M. P.; Nelson, P. T.; Rizzu, P.; Cooper, A. A.; Heutink, P.; Beach, T. G.; Mattick, J. S.; Muller, F.; Scherzer, C. R.
NATURE NEUROSCIENCE 21 (10) :1482-1492, 2018 10.1038/s41593-018-0223-0
Whole genome sequencing provides better diagnostic yield and future value than whole exome sequencing
Mattick, J. S.; Dinger, M.; Schonrock, N.; Cowley, M.
MEDICAL JOURNAL OF AUSTRALIA 209 (5) :197-199, 2018 10.5694/mja17.01176
OpenAccess publication Adar3 Is Involved in Learning and Memory in Mice
Mladenova, D.; Barry, G.; Konen, L. M.; Pineda, S. S.; Guennewig, B.; Avesson, L.; Zinn, R.; Schonrock, N.; Bitar, M.; Jonkhout, N.; Crumlish, L.; Kaczorowski, D. C.; Gong, A.; Pinese, M.; Franco, G. R.; Walkley, C. R.; Vissel, B.; Mattick, J. S.
Frontiers in Neuroscience 12 (243) :1-17, 2018 10.3389/fnins.2018.00243
OpenAccess publication Universal Alternative Splicing of Noncoding Exons
Deveson, I. W.; Brunck, M. E.; Blackburn, J.; Tseng, E.; Hon, T.; Clark, T. A.; Clark, M. B.; Crawford, J.; Dinger, M. E.; Nielsen, L. K.; Mattick, J. S.; Mercer, T. R.
Cell Systems 6 (2) :p245-255, 2018 10.1016/j.cels.2017.12.005
OpenAccess publication Intergenic disease-associated regions are abundant in novel transcripts
Bartonicek, N.; Clark, M. B.; Quek, X. C.; Torpy, J. R.; Pritchard, A. L.; Maag, J. L. V.; Gloss, B. S.; Crawford, J.; Taft, R. J.; Hayward, N. K.; Montgomery, G. W.; Mattick, J. S.; Mercer, T. R.; Dinger, M. E.
GENOME BIOLOGY 18 (1) :241, 2017 10.1186/s13059-017-1363-3
OpenAccess publication DotAligner: identification and clustering of RNA structure motifs
Smith, M. A.; Seemann, S. E.; Quek, X. C.; Mattick, J. S.
GENOME BIOLOGY 18 (1) :244, 2017 10.1186/s13059-017-1371-3
OpenAccess publication The RNA modification landscape in human disease
Jonkhout, N.; Tran, J.; Smith, M. A.; Schonrock, N.; Mattick, J. S.; Novoa, E. M.
RNA 23 (12) :1754-1769, 2017 10.1261/rna.063503.117
Prioritising the application of genomic medicine
Doble, B.; Schofield, D. J.; Roscioli, T.; Mattick, J. S.
NPJ Genomic Medicine 2 :35, 2017 10.1038/s41525-017-0037-0
OpenAccess publication The Dimensions, Dynamics, and Relevance of the Mammalian Noncoding Transcriptome
Deveson, I. W.; Hardwick, S. A.; Mercer, T. R.; Mattick, J. S.
TRENDS IN GENETICS 33 (7) :464-478, 2017 10.1016/j.tig.2017.04.004
OpenAccess publication Differential intron retention in Jumonji chromatin modifier genes is implicated in reptile temperature-dependent sex determination
Deveson, I. W.; Holleley, C. E.; Blackburn, J.; Marshall Graves, J. A.; Mattick, J. S.; Waters, P. D.; Georges, A.
Science Advances 3 (6) :e1700731, 2017 10.1126/sciadv.1700731
OpenAccess publication Charting the unknown epitranscriptome
Novoa, E. M.; Mason, C. E.; Mattick, J. S.
NATURE REVIEWS MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 18 (6) :339-340, 2017 10.1038/nrm.2017.49
Initiating an undiagnosed diseases program in the Western Australian public health system
Baynam, G.; Broley, S.; Bauskis, A.; Pachter, N.; McKenzie, F.; Townshend, S.; Slee, J.; Kiraly-Borri, C.; Vasudevan, A.; Hawkins, A.; Schofield, L.; Helmholz, P.; Palmer, R.; Kung, S.; Walker, C. E.; Molster, C.; Lewis, B.; Mina, K.; Beilby, J.; Pathak, G.; Poulton, C.; Groza, T.; Zankl, A.; Roscioli, T.; Dinger, M. E.; Mattick, J. S.; Gahl, W.; Groft, S.; Tifft, C.; Taruscio, D.; Lasko, P.; Kosaki, K.; Wilhelm, H.; Melegh, B.; Carapetis, J.; Jana, S.; Chaney, G.; Johns, A.; Owen, P. W.; Daly, F.; Weeramanthri, T.; Dawkins, H.; Goldblatt, J.
Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 12 (1) :83, 2017 10.1186/s13023-017-0619-z
OpenAccess publication The long non-coding RNA NEAT1 is responsive to neuronal activity and is associated with hyperexcitability states
Barry, G.; Briggs, J. A.; Hwang, D. W.; Nayler, S. P.; Fortuna, P. R.; Jonkhout, N.; Dachet, F.; Maag, J. L.; Mestdagh, P.; Singh, E. M.; Avesson, L.; Kaczorowski, D. C.; Ozturk, E.; Jones, N. C.; Vetter, I.; Arriola-Martinez, L.; Hu, J.; Franco, G. R.; Warn, V. M.; Gong, A.; Dinger, M. E.; Rigo, F.; Lipovich, L.; Morris, M. J.; O'Brien, T. J.; Lee, D. S.; Loeb, J. A.; Blackshaw, S.; Mattick, J. S.; Wolvetang, E. J.
Scientific Reports 7 :40127, 2017 10.1038/srep40127