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Mitochondrial succinate dehydrogenase function is essential for sperm motility and male fertility
Woodhouse, R. M.; Frolows, N.; Wang, G.; Hawdon, A.; Wong, E. H. K.; Dansereau, L. C.; Su, Y.; Adair, L. D.; New, E. J.; Philp, A. M.; Tan, W. K.; Philp, A.; Ashe, A.
iScience 25 (12) :105573, 2022 10.1016/j.isci.2022.105573
Primary skeletal muscle cells from chronic kidney disease patients retain hallmarks of cachexia in vitro
Baker, L. A.; O'Sullivan, T. F.; Robinson, K. A.; Graham-Brown, M. P. M.; Major, R. W.; Ashford, R. U.; Smith, A. C.; Philp, A.; Watson, E. L.
Journal of Cachexia Sarcopenia and Muscle 13 (2) :1238-1249, 2022 10.1002/jcsm.12802
p300 or CBP is required for insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in skeletal muscle and adipocytes
Martins, V. F.; LaBarge, S. A.; Stanley, A.; Svensson, K.; Hung, C. W.; Keinan, O.; Ciaraldi, T. P.; Banoian, D.; Park, J. E.; Ha, C.; Hetrick, B.; Meyer, G. A.; Philp, A.; David, L. L.; Henry, R. R.; Aslan, J. E.; Saltiel, A. R.; McCurdy, C. E.; Schenk, S.
Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight 7 (1) 2022 10.1172/jci.insight.141344
Spontaneously Resolving Joint Inflammation Is Characterised by Metabolic Agility of Fibroblast-Like Synoviocytes
Falconer, J.; Pucino, V.; Clayton, S. A.; Marshall, J. L.; Raizada, S.; Adams, H.; Philp, A.; Clark, A. R.; Filer, A.; Raza, K.; Young, S. P.; Buckley, C. D.
Frontiers in Immunology 12 :725641, 2021 10.3389/fimmu.2021.725641
The influence of aerobic exercise on mitochondrial quality control in skeletal muscle
Philp, A. M.; Saner, N. J.; Lazarou, M.; Ganley, I. G.; Philp, A.
JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON 599 (14) :3463-3476, 2021 10.1113/JP279411
Effects of short-term graded dietary carbohydrate intake on intramuscular and whole body metabolism during moderate-intensity exercise
Maunder, E.; Bradley, H. E.; Deane, C. S.; Hodgson, A. B.; Jones, M.; Joanisse, S.; Turner, A. M.; Breen, L.; Philp, A.; Wallis, G. A.
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY 131 (1) :376-387, 2021 10.1152/japplphysiol.00811.2020
Association between vitamin D deficiency and exercise capacity in patients with CKD, a cross-sectional analysis
Watson, E. L.; Wilkinson, T. J.; O'Sullivan, T. F.; Baker, L. A.; Gould, D. W.; Xenophontos, S.; Graham-Brown, M.; Major, R.; Jenkinson, C.; Hewison, M.; Philp, A.; Smith, A. C.
JOURNAL OF STEROID BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 210 :105861, 2021 10.1016/j.jsbmb.2021.105861
Potent PDE4 inhibitor activates AMPK and Sirt1 to induce mitochondrial biogenesis
Park, S. J.; Ahmad, F.; Bahde, R. J.; Philp, A.; Kim, J.; Huang, T.; Kim, M. K.; Trenkle, W. C.; Chung, J. H.
PLoS One 16 (6) :e0253269, 2021 10.1371/journal.pone.0253269
Diet-induced vitamin D deficiency reduces skeletal muscle mitochondrial respiration
Ashcroft, S. P.; Fletcher, G.; Philp, A. M.; Jenkinson, C.; Das, S.; Hansbro, P. M.; Atherton, P. J.; Philp, A.
JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY 249 (2) :113-124, 2021 10.1530/JOE-20-0233
Leptin antagonism inhibits prostate cancer xenograft growth and progression
Philp, L. K.; Rockstroh, A.; Sadowski, M. C.; Taherian Fard, A.; Lehman, M.; Tevz, G.; Liberio, M. S.; Bidgood, C. L.; Gunter, J. H.; McPherson, S.; Bartonicek, N.; Wade, J. D.; Otvos, L.; Nelson, C. C.
ENDOCRINE-RELATED CANCER 28 (5) :353-375, 2021 10.1530/ERC-20-0405
Mitochondrial hydrogen sulfide supplementation improves health in the C. elegans Duchenne muscular dystrophy model
Ellwood, R. A.; Hewitt, J. E.; Torregrossa, R.; Philp, A. M.; Hardee, J. P.; Hughes, S.; van de Klashorst, D.; Gharahdaghi, N.; Anupom, T.; Slade, L.; Deane, C. S.; Cooke, M.; Etheridge, T.; Piasecki, M.; Antebi, A.; Lynch, G. S.; Philp, A.; Vanapalli, S. A.; Whiteman, M.; Szewczyk, N. J.
Nicotinamide riboside supplementation does not alter whole-body or skeletal muscle metabolic responses to a single bout of endurance exercise
Stocks, B.; Ashcroft, S. P.; Joanisse, S.; Dansereau, L. C.; Koay, Y. C.; Elhassan, Y. S.; Lavery, G. G.; Quek, L. E.; O'Sullivan, J. F.; Philp, A. M.; Wallis, G. A.; Philp, A.
JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON 599 (5) :1513-1531, 2021 10.1113/JP280825
Metabolic remodeling of dystrophic skeletal muscle reveals biological roles for dystrophin and utrophin in adaptation and plasticity
Hardee, J. P.; Martins, K. J. B.; Miotto, P. M.; Ryall, J. G.; Gehrig, S. M.; Reljic, B.; Naim, T.; Chung, J. D.; Trieu, J.; Swiderski, K.; Philp, A. M.; Philp, A.; Watt, M. J.; Stroud, D. A.; Koopman, R.; Steinberg, G. R.; Lynch, G. S.
Molecular Metabolism :101157, 2021 10.1016/j.molmet.2020.101157
The mechanisms of skeletal muscle atrophy in response to transient knockdown of the vitamin D receptor in vivo
Bass, J. J.; Kazi, A. A.; Deane, C. S.; Nakhuda, A.; Ashcroft, S. P.; Brook, M. S.; Wilkinson, D. J.; Phillips, B. E.; Philp, A.; Tarum, J.; Kadi, F.; Andersen, D.; Garcia, A. M.; Smith, K.; Gallagher, I. J.; Szewczyk, N. J.; Cleasby, M. E.; Atherton, P. J.
JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON 599 (3) :963-979, 2021 10.1113/JP280652
Influence of sex and fiber type on the satellite cell pool in human skeletal muscle
Horwath, O.; Moberg, M.; Larsen, F. J.; Philp, A.; Apro, W.; Ekblom, B.
SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE & SCIENCE IN SPORTS 31 (2) :303-312, 2021 10.1111/sms.13848
The effect of short-term exercise prehabilitation on skeletal muscle protein synthesis and atrophy during bed rest in older men
Smeuninx, B.; Elhassan, Y. S.; Manolopoulos, K. N.; Sapey, E.; Rushton, A. B.; Edwards, S. J.; Morgan, P. T.; Philp, A.; Brook, M. S.; Gharahdaghi, N.; Smith, K.; Atherton, P. J.; Breen, L.
Journal of Cachexia Sarcopenia and Muscle 12 (1) :52-69, 2021 10.1002/jcsm.12661