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OpenAccess publication A single-cell transcriptome atlas of the adult human retina
Lukowski, S. W.; Lo, C. Y.; Sharov, A. A.; Nguyen, Q.; Fang, L.; Hung, S. S.; Zhu, L.; Zhang, T.; Grunert, U.; Nguyen, T.; Senabouth, A.; Jabbari, J. S.; Welby, E.; Sowden, J. C.; Waugh, H. S.; Mackey, A.; Pollock, G.; Lamb, T. D.; Wang, P. Y.; Hewitt, A. W.; Gillies, M. C.; Powell, J. E.; Wong, R. C.
EMBO JOURNAL 38 (18) :e100811, 2019 10.15252/embj.2018100811
Genotype-by-environment interactions inferred from genetic effects on phenotypic variability in the UK Biobank
Wang, H.; Zhang, F.; Zeng, J.; Wu, Y.; Kemper, K. E.; Xue, A.; Zhang, M.; Powell, J. E.; Goddard, M. E.; Wray, N. R.; Visscher, P. M.; McRae, A. F.; Yang, J.
Science Advances 5 (8) :eaaw3538, 2019 10.1126/sciadv.aaw3538
ascend: R package for analysis of single-cell RNA-seq data
Senabouth, A.; Lukowski, S. W.; Hernandez, J. A.; Andersen, S. B.; Mei, X.; Nguyen, Q. H.; Powell, J. E.
GigaScience 8 (8) :pii: giz087, 2019 10.1093/gigascience/giz087
Comprehensive Multiple eQTL Detection and Its Application to GWAS Interpretation
Zeng, B.; Lloyd-Jones, L. R.; Montgomery, G. W.; Metspalu, A.; Esko, T.; Franke, L.; Vosa, U.; Claringbould, A.; Brigham, K. L.; Quyyumi, A. A.; Idaghdour, Y.; Yang, J.; Visscher, P. M.; Powell, J. E.; Gibson, G.
GENETICS 212 (3) :905-918, 2019 10.1534/genetics.119.302091
Single-cell transcriptional profiling of aortic endothelium identifies a hierarchy from endovascular progenitors to differentiated cells
Lukowski, S. W.; Patel, J.; Andersen, S. B.; Sim, S. L.; Wong, H. Y.; Tay, J.; Winkler, I.; Powell, J. E.; Khosrotehrani, K.
Cell Reports 27 (9) :2748-2758.e3, 2019 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.04.102
Transcriptomics and single-cell RNA-sequencing
Chambers, D. C.; Carew, A. M.; Lukowski, S. W.; Powell, J. E.
RESPIROLOGY 24 (1) :29-36, 2019 10.1111/resp.13412
Detection of HPV E7 Transcription at Single-Cell Resolution in Epidermis
Lukowski, S. W.; Tuong, Z. K.; Noske, K.; Senabouth, A.; Nguyen, Q. H.; Andersen, S. B.; Soyer, H. P.; Frazer, I. H.; Powell, J. E.
JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY 138 (12) :2558-2567, 2018 10.1016/j.jid.2018.06.169
Single-cell transcriptomic analysis of cardiac differentiation from human PSCs reveals HOPX-dependent cardiomyocyte maturation
Friedman, C. E.; Nguyen, Q.; Lukowski, S. W.; Helfer, A.; Chiu, H. S.; Miklas, J.; Levy, S.; Suo, S.; Han, J. J.; Osteil, P.; Peng, G.; Jing, N.; Baillie, G. J.; Senabouth, A.; Christ, A. N.; Bruxner, T. J.; Murry, C. E.; Wong, E. S.; Ding, J.; Wang, Y.; Hudson, J.; Ruohola-Baker, H.; Bar-Joseph, Z.; Tam, P. P. L.; Powell, J. E.; Palpant, N. J.
Cell Stem Cell 23 (4) :586-598, 2018 10.1016/j.stem.2018.09.009
OpenAccess publication Single-Cell Profiling Identifies Key Pathways Expressed by iPSCs Cultured in Different Commercial Media
Daniszewski, M.; Nguyen, Q.; Chy, H. S.; Singh, V.; Crombie, D. E.; Kulkarni, T.; Liang, H. H.; Sivakumaran, P.; Lidgerwood, G. E.; Hernandez, D.; Conquest, A.; Rooney, L. A.; Chevalier, S.; Andersen, S. B.; Senabouth, A.; Vickers, J. C.; Mackey, D. A.; Craig, J. E.; Laslett, A. L.; Hewitt, A. W.; Powell, J. E.; Pebay, A.
iScience 7 :30-39, 2018 10.1016/j.isci.2018.08.016
Genome-wide association study of intraocular pressure uncovers new pathways to glaucoma
MacGregor, S.; Ong, J. S.; An, J.; Han, X.; Zhou, T.; Siggs, O. M.; Law, M. H.; Souzeau, E.; Sharma, S.; Lynn, D. J.; Beesley, J.; Sheldrick, B.; Mills, R. A.; Landers, J.; Ruddle, J. B.; Graham, S. L.; Healey, P. R.; White, A. J. R.; Casson, R. J.; Best, S.; Grigg, J. R.; Goldberg, I.; Powell, J. E.; Whiteman, D. C.; Radford-Smith, G. L.; Martin, N. G.; Montgomery, G. W.; Burdon, K. P.; Mackey, D. A.; Gharahkhani, P.; Craig, J. E.; Hewitt, A. W.
NATURE GENETICS 50 (8) :1067-1071, 2018 10.1038/s41588-018-0176-y
Single-cell RNA-seq of human induced pluripotent stem cells reveals cellular heterogeneity and cell state transitions between subpopulations
Nguyen, Q. H.; Lukowski, S. W.; Chiu, H. S.; Senabouth, A.; Bruxner, T. J. C.; Christ, A. N.; Palpant, N. J.; Powell, J. E.
GENOME RESEARCH 28 (7) :1053-1066, 2018 10.1101/gr.223925.117
OpenAccess publication Hepatic expression profiling identifies steatosis-independent and steatosis-driven advanced fibrosis genes
Ramnath, D.; Irvine, K. M.; Lukowski, S. W.; Horsfall, L. U.; Loh, Z.; Clouston, A. D.; Patel, P. J.; Fagan, K. J.; Iyer, A.; Lampe, G.; Stow, J. L.; Schroder, K.; Fairlie, D. P.; Powell, J. E.; Powell, E. E.; Sweet, M. J.
Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight 3 (14) :e120274, 2018 10.1172/jci.insight.120274
OpenAccess publication The transcriptional landscape of age in human peripheral blood
Peters, M. J.; Joehanes, R.; Pilling, L. C.; Schurmann, C.; Conneely, K. N.; Powell, J.; Reinmaa, E.; Sutphin, G. L.; Zhernakova, A.; Schramm, K.; Wilson, Y. A.; Kobes, S.; Tukiainen, T.; Consortium, Nabec Ukbec; Ramos, Y. F.; Goring, H. H.; Fornage, M.; Liu, Y.; Gharib, S. A.; Stranger, B. E.; De Jager, P. L.; Aviv, A.; Levy, D.; Murabito, J. M.; Mun
Nature Communications 6 :8570, 2015
OpenAccess publication Glycogen synthase kinase-3beta and tau genes interact in Alzheimer's disease
Kwok, J. B.; Loy, C. T.; Hamilton, G.; Lau, E.; Hallupp, M.; Williams, J.; Owen, M. J.; Broe, G. A.; Tang, N.; Lam, L.; Powell, J. F.; Lovestone, S.; Schofield, P. R.
ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY 64 :446-54, 2008