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Immunocytochemical Localization of Olfactory-signaling Molecules in Human and Rat Spermatozoa
Makeyeva, Y.; Nicol, C.; Ledger, W. L.; Ryugo, D. K.
JOURNAL OF HISTOCHEMISTRY & CYTOCHEMISTRY 68 (7) :491-513, 2020 10.1369/0022155420939833
OpenAccess publication Expression and Localization of Kv1.1 and Kv3.1b Potassium Channels in the Cochlear Nucleus and Inferior Colliculus after Long-Term Auditory Deafferentation
Poveda, C. M.; Valero, M. L.; Pernia, M.; Alvarado, J. C.; Ryugo, D. K.; Merchan, M. A.; Juiz, J. M.
Brain Sciences 10 (1) :35, 2020 10.3390/brainsci10010035
Hidden hearing loss and endbulbs of Held: Evidence for central pathology before detection of ABR threshold increases
Muniak, M. A.; Ayeni, F. E.; Ryugo, D. K.
HEARING RESEARCH 364 (July 18) :104-117, 2018 10.1016/j.heares.2018.03.021
OpenAccess publication Descending projections from the inferior colliculus to the dorsal cochlear nucleus are excitatory
Milinkeviciute, G.; Muniak, M. A.; Ryugo, D. K.
JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE NEUROLOGY 525 (4) :773-793, 2017 10.1002/cne.24095
OpenAccess publication Descending projections from the inferior colliculus to medial olivocochlear efferents: Mice with normal hearing, early onset hearing loss, and congenital deafness
Suthakar, K.; Ryugo, D. K.
HEARING RESEARCH 343 :34-49, 2017 10.1016/j.heares.2016.06.014
OpenAccess publication The effect of progressive hearing loss on the morphology of endbulbs of Held and bushy cells
Connelly, C. J.; Ryugo, D. K.; Muniak, M. A.
HEARING RESEARCH 343 :14-33, 2017 10.1016/j.heares.2016.07.004
OpenAccess publication Auditory neuroplasticity, hearing loss and cochlear implants
Ryugo, D.;
CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH 361 (1) :251-69, 2015
Auditory nerve synapses persist in ventral cochlear nucleus long after loss of acoustic input in mice with early-onset progressive hearing loss
McGuire, B.; Fiorillo, B.; Ryugo, D. K.; Lauer, A. M.;
BRAIN RESEARCH 1605 :22-30, 2015
Central projections of spiral ganglion neurons
Muniak, M.; Connelly, C.J.; Sutaker, K.; Milinkeviciute, G.; Ayeni, F.E.; Ryugo, D.K.;
The Primary Auditory Neurons of the Mammalian Cochlea 52 :157-190, 2015
OpenAccess publication Tonotopic organization of vertical cells in the dorsal cochlear nucleus of the CBA/J mouse
Muniak, M. A.; Ryugo, D. K.;
OpenAccess publication Endogenous Retrovirus Insertion in the KIT Oncogene Determines White and White spotting in Domestic Cats
David, V. A.; Menotti-Raymond, M.; Wallace, A. C.; Roelke, M.; Kehler, J.; Leighty, R.; Eizirik, E.; Hannah, S. S.; Nelson, G.; Schaffer, A. A.; Connelly, C. J.; O'Brien, S. J.; Ryugo, D. K.;
G3-Genes Genomes Genetics 4 (10) :1881-91, 2014
OpenAccess publication Feline deafness
Ryugo, D. K.; Menotti-Raymond, M.;
OpenAccess publication Efferent synapses return to inner hair cells in the aging cochlea
Lauer, A. M.; Fuchs, P. A.; Ryugo, D. K.; Francis, H. W.;
NEUROBIOLOGY OF AGING 33 (12) :2892-902, 2012
OpenAccess publication Preparation of an awake mouse for recording neural responses and injecting tracers
Muniak, M. A.; Mayko, Z. M.; Ryugo, D. K.; Portfors, C. V.;
Jove-Journal of Visualized Experiments (64) 2012
OpenAccess publication Synaptic plasticity in the medial superior olive of hearing, deaf, and cochlear-implanted cats
Tirko, N. N.; Ryugo, D. K.;