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Population data improves variant interpretation in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
Mallawaarachchi, A. C.; Furlong, T. J.; Shine, J.; Harris, P. C.; Cowley, M. J.
GENETICS IN MEDICINE 21 (6) :1425-1434, 2019 10.1038/s41436-018-0324-x
OpenAccess publication Role of neuropeptide Y (NPY) in the differentiation of Trpm-5-positive olfactory microvillar cells
Doyle, K. L.; Cunha, C.; Hort, Y.; Tasan, R.; Sperk, G.; Shine, J.; Herzog, H.
NEUROPEPTIDES 68 (April 18) :90-98, 2018 10.1016/j.npep.2018.02.007
OpenAccess publication Whole-genome sequencing overcomes pseudogene homology to diagnose autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
Mallawaarachchi, A. C. ; Hort, Y. ; Cowley, M. J. ; McCabe, M. J. ; Minoche, A. ; Dinger, M. E. ; Shine, J. ; Furlong, T. J.;
OpenAccess publication Morphological and behavioural changes occur following the X-ray irradiation of the adult mouse olfactory neuroepithelium
Cunha, C.; Hort, Y.; Shine, J.; Doyle, K. L.;
BMC NEUROSCIENCE 13 (1) :134, 2012
OpenAccess publication Galanin negatively modulates opiate withdrawal via galanin receptor 1
Holmes, F. E.; Armenaki, A.; Iismaa, T. P.; Einstein, E. B.; Shine, J.; Picciotto, M. R.; Wynick, D.; Zachariou, V.;
PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY 220 (3) :619-25, 2012
OpenAccess publication Neuropeptide Y and peptide YY have distinct roles in adult mouse olfactory neurogenesis
Doyle, K. L.; Hort, Y. J.; Herzog, H.; Shine, J.;
OpenAccess publication Y1 receptors are critical for the proliferation of adult mouse precursor cells in the olfactory neuroepithelium
Doyle, K. L.;Karl, T.;Hort, Y.;Duffy, L.;Shine, J.;Herzog, H. :
JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY 105 (3) :641-52, 2008
OpenAccess publication Galanin receptor-1 knockout mice exhibit spontaneous epilepsy, abnormal EEGs and altered inhibition in the hippocampus
McColl, C. D.; Jacoby, A. S.; Shine, J.; Iismaa, T. P.; Bekkers, J. M.
NEUROPHARMACOLOGY 50 (2) :209-18, 2006
OpenAccess publication Learning and memory performance in mice lacking the GAL-R1 subtype of galanin receptor
Wrenn, C. C.; Kinney, J. W.; Marriott, L. K.; Holmes, A.; Harris, A. P.; Saavedra, M. C.; Starosta, G.; Innerfield, C. E.; Jacoby, A. S.; Shine, J.; Iismaa, T. P.; Wenk, G. L.; Crawley, J. N.
The second galanin receptor GalR2 plays a key role in neurite outgrowth from adult sensory neurons
Mahoney, S. A.;Hosking, R.;Farrant, S.;Holmes, F. E.;Jacoby, A. S.;Shine, J.;Iismaa, T. P.;Scott, M. K.;Schmidt, R.;Wynick, D. :
JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 23 (2) :416-21, 2003
Galanin GAL-R1 receptor null mutant mice display increased anxiety-like behavior specific to the elevated plus-maze
Holmes, A.;Kinney, J. W.;Wrenn, C. C.;Li, Q.;Yang, R. J.;Ma, L.;Vishwanath, J.;Saavedra, M. C.;Innerfield, C. E.;Jacoby, A. S.;Shine, J.;Iismaa, T. P.;Crawley, J. N. :
BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY 28 (6) :1031-44, 2003
Hyperalgesia and increased neuropathic pain-like response in mice lacking galanin receptor 1 receptors
Blakeman, K. H.;Hao, J. X.;Xu, X. J.;Jacoby, A. S.;Shine, J.;Crawley, J. N.;Iismaa, T.;Wiesenfeld-Hallin, Z. :
NEUROSCIENCE 117 (1) :221-7, 2003
Altered hippocampal expression of neuropeptides in seizure-prone GALR1 knockout mice
Fetissov, S. O.;Jacoby, A. S.;Brumovsky, P. R.;Shine, J.;Iismaa, T. P.;Hokfelt, T. :
EPILEPSIA 44 (8) :1022-33, 2003
Molecular modelling and site-directed mutagenesis of human GALR1 galanin receptor defines determinants of receptor subtype specificity
Church, W. B.;Jones, K. A.;Kuiper, D. A.;Shine, J.;Iismaa, T. P. :
Protein Eng 15 (4) :313-23, 2002
Phenotypic analysis of Galr1 knockout mice reveals a role for GALR1 galanin receptor in modulating seizure activity but not nerve regeneration
Jacoby, A. S.;Holmes, F. E.;Hort, Y. J.;Shine, J.;Iismaa, T. P. :
Lett Pept Sci 8 :139-146, 2002
Critical role for GALR1 galanin receptor in galanin regulation of neuroendocrine function and seizure activity
Jacoby, A. S.;Hort, Y. J.;Constantinescu, G.;Shine, J.;Iismaa, T. P. :
Brain Res Mol Brain Res 107 (2) :195-200, 2002