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Iron chelation increases beige fat differentiation and metabolic activity, preventing and treating obesity
Nazari, M.; Ho, K. W.; Langley, N.; Cha, K. M.; Kodsi, R.; Wang, M.; Laybutt, D. R.; Cheng, K.; Stokes, R. A.; Swarbrick, M. M.; Gunton, J. E.
Scientific Reports 12 (1) :776, 2022 10.1038/s41598-022-04809-8
Identification of DNA methylation biomarkers with potential to predict response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in triple-negative breast cancer
Meyer, B.; Clifton, S.; Locke, W.; Luu, P. L.; Du, Q.; Lam, D.; Armstrong, N. J.; Kumar, B.; Deng, N.; Harvey, K.; Swarbrick, A.; Ganju, V.; Clark, S. J.; Pidsley, R.; Stirzaker, C.
Clinical Epigenetics 13 (1) :226, 2021 10.1186/s13148-021-01210-6
Spatial deconvolution of HER2-positive breast cancer delineates tumor-associated cell type interactions
Andersson, A.; Larsson, L.; Stenbeck, L.; Salmen, F.; Ehinger, A.; Wu, S. Z.; Al-Eryani, G.; Roden, D.; Swarbrick, A.; Borg, A.; Frisen, J.; Engblom, C.; Lundeberg, J.
Nature Communications 12 (1) :6012, 2021 10.1038/s41467-021-26271-2
Best Practices for Spatial Profiling for Breast Cancer Research with the GeoMx((R)) Digital Spatial Profiler
Bergholtz, H.; Carter, J. M.; Cesano, A.; Cheang, M. C. U.; Church, S. E.; Divakar, P.; Fuhrman, C. A.; Goel, S.; Gong, J.; Guerriero, J. L.; Hoang, M. L.; Hwang, E. S.; Kuasne, H.; Lee, J.; Liang, Y.; Mittendorf, E. A.; Perez, J.; Prat, A.; Pusztai, L.; Reeves, J. W.; Riazalhosseini, Y.; Richer, J. K.; Sahin, O.; Sato, H.; Schlam, I.; Sorlie, T.; Stover, D. G.; Swain, S. M.; Swarbrick, A.; Thompson, E. A.; Tolaney, S. M.; Warren, S. E.; On Behalf Of The GeoMx Breast Cancer, Consortium
Cancers 13 (17) 2021 10.3390/cancers13174456
A single-cell and spatially resolved atlas of human breast cancers
Wu, S. Z.; Al-Eryani, G.; Roden, D. L.; Junankar, S.; Harvey, K.; Andersson, A.; Thennavan, A.; Wang, C.; Torpy, J. R.; Bartonicek, N.; Wang, T.; Larsson, L.; Kaczorowski, D.; Weisenfeld, N. I.; Uytingco, C. R.; Chew, J. G.; Bent, Z. W.; Chan, C. L.; Gnanasambandapillai, V.; Dutertre, C. A.; Gluch, L.; Hui, M. N.; Beith, J.; Parker, A.; Robbins, E.; Segara, D.; Cooper, C.; Mak, C.; Chan, B.; Warrier, S.; Ginhoux, F.; Millar, E.; Powell, J. E.; Williams, S. R.; Liu, X. S.; O'Toole, S.; Lim, E.; Lundeberg, J.; Perou, C. M.; Swarbrick, A.
NATURE GENETICS 53 (9) :1334-1347, 2021 10.1038/s41588-021-00911-1
Cross-tissue single-cell landscape of human monocytes and macrophages in health and disease
Mulder, K.; Patel, A. A.; Kong, W. T.; Piot, C.; Halitzki, E.; Dunsmore, G.; Khalilnezhad, S.; Irac, S. E.; Dubuisson, A.; Chevrier, M.; Zhang, X. M.; Tam, J. K. C.; Lim, T. K. H.; Wong, R. M. M.; Pai, R.; Khalil, A. I. S.; Chow, P. K. H.; Wu, S. Z.; Al-Eryani, G.; Roden, D.; Swarbrick, A.; Chan, J. K. Y.; Albani, S.; Derosa, L.; Zitvogel, L.; Sharma, A.; Chen, J.; Silvin, A.; Bertoletti, A.; Bleriot, C.; Dutertre, C. A.; Ginhoux, F.
IMMUNITY 54 (8) :1883-1900 e5, 2021 10.1016/j.immuni.2021.07.007
Evaluation of FGFR targeting in breast cancer through interrogation of patient-derived models
Chew, N. J.; Lim Kam Sian, T. C. C.; Nguyen, E. V.; Shin, S. Y.; Yang, J.; Hui, M. N.; Deng, N.; McLean, C. A.; Welm, A. L.; Lim, E.; Gregory, P.; Nottle, T.; Lang, T.; Vereker, M.; Richardson, G.; Kerr, G.; Micati, D.; Jarde, T.; Abud, H. E.; Lee, R. S.; Swarbrick, A.; Daly, R. J.
BREAST CANCER RESEARCH 23 (1) :82, 2021 10.1186/s13058-021-01461-4
Single-cell advances in stromal-leukocyte interactions in cancer
Wu, S. Z.; Swarbrick, A.
IMMUNOLOGICAL REVIEWS 302 (1) :286-298, 2021 10.1111/imr.12976
Cryopreservation of human cancers conserves tumour heterogeneity for single-cell multi-omics analysis
Wu, S. Z.; Roden, D. L.; Al-Eryani, G.; Bartonicek, N.; Harvey, K.; Cazet, A. S.; Chan, C. L.; Junankar, S.; Hui, M. N.; Millar, E. A.; Beretov, J.; Horvath, L.; Joshua, A. M.; Stricker, P.; Wilmott, J. S.; Quek, C.; Long, G. V.; Scolyer, R. A.; Yeung, B. Z.; Segara, D.; Mak, C.; Warrier, S.; Powell, J. E.; O'Toole, S.; Lim, E.; Swarbrick, A.
Genome Medicine 13 (1) :81, 2021 10.1186/s13073-021-00885-z
Chromatin immunoprecipitation of transcription factors and histone modifications in Comma-Dbeta mammary epithelial cells
Holliday, H.; Khoury, A.; Swarbrick, A.
STAR Protocols 2 (2) :100514, 2021 10.1016/j.xpro.2021.100514
The androgen receptor is a tumor suppressor in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer
Hickey, T. E.; Selth, L. A.; Chia, K. M.; Laven-Law, G.; Milioli, H. H.; Roden, D.; Jindal, S.; Hui, M.; Finlay-Schultz, J.; Ebrahimie, E.; Birrell, S. N.; Stelloo, S.; Iggo, R.; Alexandrou, S.; Caldon, C. E.; Abdel-Fatah, T. M.; Ellis, I. O.; Zwart, W.; Palmieri, C.; Sartorius, C. A.; Swarbrick, A.; Lim, E.; Carroll, J. S.; Tilley, W. D.
NATURE MEDICINE 27 (2) :310-320, 2021 10.1038/s41591-020-01168-7
A MXI1-NUTM1 fusion protein with MYC-like activity suggests a novel oncogenic mechanism in a subset of NUTM1-rearranged tumors
McEvoy, C. R.; Holliday, H.; Thio, N.; Mitchell, C.; Choong, D. Y.; Yellapu, B.; Leong, H. S.; Xu, H.; Lade, S.; Browning, J.; Takano, E. A.; Byrne, D. J.; Gill, A. J.; Duong, C. P.; Li, J.; Fellowes, A. P.; Fox, S. B.; Swarbrick, A.; Prall, O. W. J.
LABORATORY INVESTIGATION 101 (1) :26-37, 2021 10.1038/s41374-020-00484-3
OpenAccess publication Inhibitor of Differentiation 4 (ID4) represses mammary myoepithelial differentiation via inhibition of HEB
Holliday, H.; Roden, D.; Junankar, S.; Wu, S. Z.; Baker, L. A.; Krisp, C.; Chan, C. L.; McFarland, A.; Skhinas, J. N.; Cox, T. R.; Pal, B.; Huntington, N. D.; Ormandy, C. J.; Carroll, J. S.; Visvader, J.; Molloy, M. P.; Swarbrick, A.
iScience 24 (2) :102072, 2021 10.1016/j.isci.2021.102072
Tumour stroma ratio assessment using digital image analysis predicts survival in triple negative and luminal breast cancer
Millar, E. K.; Browne, L. H.; Beretov, J.; Lee, K.; Lynch, J.; Swarbrick, A.; Graham, P. H.
Cancers 12 :12, 2020 10.3390/cancers12123749
Stromal cell diversity associated with immune evasion in human triple-negative breast cancer
Wu, S. Z.; Roden, D. L.; Wang, C.; Holliday, H.; Harvey, K.; Cazet, A. S.; Murphy, K. J.; Pereira, B.; Al-Eryani, G.; Bartonicek, N.; Hou, R.; Torpy, J. R.; Junankar, S.; Chan, C. L.; Lam, C. E.; Hui, M. N.; Gluch, L.; Beith, J.; Parker, A.; Robbins, E.; Segara, D.; Mak, C.; Cooper, C.; Warrier, S.; Forrest, A.; Powell, J.; O'Toole, S.; Cox, T. R.; Timpson, P.; Lim, E.; Liu, X. S.; Swarbrick, A.
EMBO JOURNAL 1 (39) :e104063, 2020 10.15252/embj.2019104063
Targeting the Id1-Kif11 Axis in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Using Combination Therapy
Thankamony, A. P.; Murali, R.; Karthikeyan, N.; Varghese, B. A.; Teo, W. S.; McFarland, A.; Roden, D. L.; Holliday, H.; Konrad, C. V.; Cazet, A.; Dodson, E.; Yang, J.; Baker, L. A.; George, J. T.; Levine, H.; Jolly, M. K.; Swarbrick, A.; Nair, R.
Biomolecules 10 (9) :E1295, 2020 10.3390/biom10091295