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Machine Learning Approach to Predicting COVID-19 Disease Severity Based on Clinical Blood Test Data: Statistical Analysis and Model Development
Aktar, S.; Ahamad, M. M.; Rashed-Al-Mahfuz, M.; Azad, A.; Uddin, S.; Kamal, A.; Alyami, S. A.; Lin, P. I.; Islam, S. M. S.; Quinn, J. M.; Eapen, V.; Moni, M. A.
JMIR Medical Informatics 9 (4) :e25884, 2021 10.2196/25884
Professional regulation for Australasian genetic counselors
Hoskins, Cass; Gaff, Clara; McEwen, Alison; Macciocca, Ivan; Pearn, Amy; Shalhoub, Carolyn; Salvemini, Hayley; Berkman, Jennifer; Riley, Kate E.; Williams, Rachel; Milward, Michael; Young, Mary-Anne
Journal of Genetic Counseling 30 (2) :361-369, 2021
Cross-oncopanel study reveals high sensitivity and accuracy with overall analytical performance depending on genomic regions
Gong, B.; Li, D.; Kusko, R.; Novoradovskaya, N.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, S.; Pabon-Pena, C.; Zhang, Z.; Lai, K.; Cai, W.; LoCoco, J. S.; Lader, E.; Richmond, T. A.; Mittal, V. K.; Liu, L. C.; Johann, D. J., Jr.; Willey, J. C.; Bushel, P. R.; Yu, Y.; Xu, C.; Chen, G.; Burgess, D.; Cawley, S.; Giorda, K.; Haseley, N.; Qiu, F.; Wilkins, K.; Arib, H.; Attwooll, C.; Babson, K.; Bao, L.; Bao, W.; Lucas, A. B.; Best, H.; Bhandari, A.; Bisgin, H.; Blackburn, J.; Blomquist, T. M.; Boardman, L.; Burgher, B.; Butler, D. J.; Chang, C. J.; Chaubey, A.; Chen, T.; Chierici, M.; Chin, C. R.; Close, D.; Conroy, J.; Coleman, J. C.; Craig, D. J.; Crawford, E.; Del Pozo, A.; Deveson, I. W.; Duncan, D.; Eterovic, A. K.; Fan, X.; Foox, J.; Furlanello, C.; Ghosal, A.; Glenn, S.; Guan, M.; Haag, C.; Hang, X.; Happe, S.; Hennigan, B.; Hipp, J.; Hong, H.; Horvath, K.; Hu, J.; Hung, L. Y.; Jarosz, M.; Kerkhof, J.; Kipp, B.; Kreil, D. P.; Labaj, P.; Lapunzina, P.; Li, P.; Li, Q. Z.; Li, W.; Li, Z.; Liang, Y.; Liu, S.; Liu, Z.; Ma, C.; Marella, N.; Martin-Arenas, R.; Megherbi, D. B.; Meng, Q.; Mieczkowski, P. A.; Morrison, T.; Muzny, D.; Ning, B.; Parsons, B. L.; Paweletz, C. P.; Pirooznia, M.; Qu, W.; Raymond, A.; Rindler, P.; Ringler, R.; Sadikovic, B.; Scherer, A.; Schulze, E.; Sebra, R.; Shaknovich, R.; Shi, Q.; Shi, T.; Silla-Castro, J. C.; Smith, M.; Lopez, M. S.; Song, P.; Stetson, D.; Strahl, M.; Stuart, A.; Supplee, J.; Szankasi, P.; Tan, H.; Tang, L. Y.; Tao, Y.; Thakkar, S.; Thierry-Mieg, D.; Thierry-Mieg, J.; Thodima, V. J.; Thomas, D.; Tichy, B.; Tom, N.; Garcia, E. V.; Verma, S.; Walker, K.; Wang, C.; Wang, J.; Wang, Y.; Wen, Z.; Wirta, V.; Wu, L.; Xiao, C.; Xiao, W.; Xu, S.; Yang, M.; Ying, J.; Yip, S. H.; Zhang, G.; Zhang, S.; Zhao, M.; Zheng, Y.; Zhou, X.; Mason, C. E.; Mercer, T.; Tong, W.; Shi, L.; Jones, W.; Xu, J.
GENOME BIOLOGY 22 (1) :109, 2021 10.1186/s13059-021-02315-0
Kruppel-like factor 1 is a core cardiomyogenic trigger in zebrafish
Ogawa, M.; Geng, F. S.; Humphreys, D. T.; Kristianto, E.; Sheng, D. Z.; Hui, S. P.; Zhang, Y.; Sugimoto, K.; Nakayama, M.; Zheng, D.; Hesselson, D.; Hodson, M. P.; Bogdanovic, O.; Kikuchi, K.
SCIENCE 372 (6538) :201-205, 2021 10.1126/science.abe2762
Approaches to Fracture Risk Assessment and Prevention
Baim, S.; Blank, R.
Current Osteoporosis Reports 19 (2) :158-165, 2021 10.1007/s11914-021-00659-x
Dual Nature of Type I Interferons in SARS-CoV-2-Induced Inflammation
King, C., Sprent, J.
TRENDS IN IMMUNOLOGY 42 (4) :312-322, 2021 10.1016/
Long-term persistence of RBD(+) memory B cells encoding neutralizing antibodies in SARS-CoV-2 infection
Abayasingam, A.; Balachandran, H.; Agapiou, D.; Hammoud, M.; Rodrigo, C.; Keoshkerian, E.; Li, H.; Brasher, N. A.; Christ, D.; Rouet, R.; Burnet, D.; Grubor-Bauk, B.; Rawlinson, W.; Turville, S.; Aggarwal, A.; Stella, A. O.; Fichter, C.; Brilot, F.; Mina, M.; Post, J. J.; Hudson, B.; Gilroy, N.; Dwyer, D.; Sasson, S. C.; Tea, F.; Pilli, D.; Kelleher, A.; Tedla, N.; Lloyd, A. R.; Martinello, M.; Bull, R. A.; Cosin Study Group
Cell Reports 2 (4) :100228, 2021 10.1016/j.xcrm.2021.100228
Evaluation of Diffuse Type 2 Dominant or Eosinophilic Chronic Rhinosinusitis With Corticosteroid Irrigation After Surgical Neosinus Cavity Formation
Li, W.; Ho, J.; Grayson, J. W.; Alvarado, R.; Rimmer, J.; Sewell, W. A.; Campbell, R.; Kalish, L.; Sacks, R.; Harvey, R. J.
JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery 147 (4) :360-367, 2021 10.1001/jamaoto.2020.5286
Molecular requirements for human lymphopoiesis as defined by inborn errors of immunity
Della Mina, E., Guerin, A., Tangye, S. G.
STEM CELLS 39 (4) :389-402, 2021 10.1002/stem.3327
Response to Comment on Samara et al. Metformin Use Is Associated With Slowed Cognitive Decline and Reduced Incident Dementia in Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes: The Sydney Memory and Ageing Study. Diabetes Care 2020;43:2691-2701
Samaras, K.; Crawford, J. D.; Draper, B.; Trollor, J. N.; Brodaty, H.; Sachdev, P. S.
DIABETES CARE 44 (4) :e74, 2021 10.2337/dci20-0077
PD-1 blockade using pembrolizumab in adolescent and young adult patients with advanced bone and soft tissue sarcoma
Scheinberg, T.; Lomax, A.; Tattersall, M.; Thomas, D.; McCowage, G.; Sullivan, M.; Karim, R.; Luk, P. P.; Mahar, A.; Bonar, F.; Bhadri, V. A.
Cancer Reports 13 :e1327, 2021 10.1002/cnr2.1327
Lack of peptide YY signaling in mice disturbs gut microbiome composition in response to high-fat diet
Farzi, A.; Ip, C. K.; Reed, F.; Enriquez, R.; Zenz, G.; Durdevic, M.; Zhang, L.; Holzer, P.; Herzog, H.
FASEB JOURNAL 35 (4) :e21435, 2021 10.1096/fj.202002215R
AgRP signalling negatively regulates bone mass
Enriquez, R. F.; Lee, N. J.; Herzog, H.
JOURNAL OF NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY 33 (5) :e12978, 2021 10.1111/jne.12978
Loss-of-function of Fbxo10, encoding a post-translational regulator of BCL2 in lymphomas, has no discernible effect on BCL2 or B lymphocyte accumulation in mice
Masle-Farquhar, E.; Russell, A.; Li, Y.; Zhu, F.; Rui, L.; Brink, R.; Goodnow, C. C.
PLoS One 16 (4) :e0237830, 2021 10.1371/journal.pone.0237830
The Use of Imaging Techniques in Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral and Bone Disorders (CKD-MBD)-A Systematic Review
Pimentel, A.; Bover, J.; Elder, G.; Cohen-Solal, M.; Urena-Torres, P. A.
Diagnostics 11 (5) :772, 2021 10.3390/diagnostics11050772
Immunogenic tumor cell death promotes dendritic cell migration and inhibits tumor growth via enhanced T cell immunity
Moriya, T. Kitagawa, K. Hayakawa, Y. Hemmi, H. Kaisho, T. Ueha, S. Ikebuchi, R. Yasuda, I. Nakanishi, Y. Honda, T. Matsushima, K. Kabashima, K. Ueda, M. Kusumoto, Y. Chtanova, T. Tomura, M.
iScience 24 (5) :102424, 2021 10.1016/j.isci.2021.102424