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OpenAccess publication Functional analysis of the regulatory requirements of B-Raf and the B-Raf(V600E) oncoprotein
Brummer, T.;Martin, P.;Herzog, S.;Misawa, Y.;Daly, R. J.;Reth, M. :
ONCOGENE 25(47):6262-76, 2006
OpenAccess publication Defining obesity by body mass index in the Thai population: an epidemiologic study
Pongchaiyakul, C.;Nguyen, T. V.;Kosulwat, V.;Rojroongwasinkul, N.;Charoenkiatkul, S.;Sanchaisuriya, P.;Rajatanavin, R. :
OpenAccess publication Genome-wide association study using extreme truncate selection identifies novel genes affecting bone mineral density and fracture risk
Duncan, E. L.; Danoy, P.; Kemp, J. P.; Leo, P. J.; McCloskey, E.; Nicholson, G. C.; Eastell, R.; Prince, R. L.; Eisman, J. A.; Jones, G.; Sambrook, P. N.; Reid, I. R.; Dennison, E. M.; Wark, J.; Richards, J. B.; Uitterlinden, A. G.; Spector, T. D.; Esapa, C.; Cox, R. D.; Brown, S. D.; Thakker, R. V.; Addison, K. A.; Bradbury, L. A.; Center, J. R.; Cooper, C.; Cremin, C.; Estrada, K.; Felsenberg, D.; Gluer, C. C.; Hadler, J.; Henry, M. J.; Hofman, A.; Kotowicz, M. A.; Makovey, J.; Nguyen, S. C.; Nguyen, T. V.; Pasco, J. A.; Pryce, K.; Reid, D. M.; Rivadeneira, F.; Roux, C.; Stefansson, K.; Styrkarsdottir, U.; Thorleifsson, G.; Tichawangana, R.; Evans, D. M.; Brown, M. A.;
PLOS GENET 7(4):e1001372, 2011
A prospective multi-centre Phase III validation study of AZGP1 as a biomarker in localised prostate cancer
Zhang, A. Y.; Grogan, J. S.; Mahon, K. L.; Rasiah, K.; Sved, P.; Eisinger, D. R.; Boulas, J.; Vasilaris, A.; Henshall, S. M.; Stricker, P. D.; Kench, J. G.; Horvath, L. G.
ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY 28(8):1903-1909, 2017 10.1093/annonc/mdx247
OpenAccess publication Corticosteroid induced osteoporosis
Sambrook, P. N. :
J Rheumatol Suppl 45:19-22, 1996
OpenAccess publication Overexpression of LMO4 induces mammary hyperplasia, promotes cell invasion, and is a predictor of poor outcome in breast cancer
Sum, E. Y.;Segara, D.;Duscio, B.;Bath, M. L.;Field, A. S.;Sutherland, R. L.;Lindeman, G. J.;Visvader, J. E. :
OpenAccess publication Calcium-based phosphate binders; down, but not out
Elder, G. J.
NEPHROLOGY DIALYSIS TRANSPLANTATION 32(1):5-8, 2016 10.1093/ndt/gfw410
OpenAccess publication Lutetium 177 PSMA radionuclide therapy for men with prostate cancer: a review of the current literature and discussion of practical aspects of therapy
Emmett, L.; Willowson, K.; Violet, J.; Shin, J.; Blanksby, A.; Lee, J.
Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences 64(1):52-60, 2017 10.1002/jmrs.227
Translocation and protein complex co-localization of mTOR is associated with postprandial myofibrillar protein synthesis at rest and after endurance exercise
Abou Sawan, S.; van Vliet, S.; Parel, J. T.; Beals, J. W.; Mazzulla, M.; West, D. W. D.; Philp, A.; Li, Z.; Paluska, S. A.; Burd, N. A.; Moore, D. R.
Physiological Reports 6(5):e13628, 2018 10.14814/phy2.13628
Muscle-specific knockout of general control of amino acid synthesis 5 (GCN5) does not enhance basal or endurance exercise-induced mitochondrial adaptation
Dent, J. R.; Martins, V. F.; Svensson, K.; LaBarge, S. A.; Schlenk, N. C.; Esparza, M. C.; Buckner, E. H.; Meyer, G. A.; Hamilton, D. L.; Schenk, S.; Philp, A.
Molecular Metabolism 6(12):1574-1584, 2017 10.1016/j.molmet.2017.10.004
Meta-analysis and the science of research synthesis
Gurevitch, J.; Koricheva, J.; Nakagawa, S.; Stewart, G.
NATURE 555(7695):175-182, 2018 10.1038/nature25753
Properties of the vastus lateralis muscle in relation to age and physiological function in master cyclists aged 55-79 years
Pollock, R. D.; O'Brien, K. A.; Daniels, L. J.; Nielsen, K. B.; Rowlerson, A.; Duggal, N. A.; Lazarus, N. R.; Lord, J. M.; Philp, A.; Harridge, S. D. R.
AGING CELL 17(2):e12735, 2018 10.1111/acel.12735
Transient expression of human antibodies in mammalian cells
Vazquez-Lombardi, R.; Nevoltris, D.; Luthra, A.; Schofield, P.; Zimmermann, C.; Christ, D.
Nature Protocols 13(1):99-117, 2018 10.1038/nprot.2017.126
Characterisation of L-Type Amino Acid Transporter 1 (LAT1) Expression in Human Skeletal Muscle by Immunofluorescent Microscopy
Hodson, N.; Brown, T.; Joanisse, S.; Aguirre, N.; West, D. W. D.; Moore, D. R.; Baar, K.; Breen, L.; Philp, A.
Nutrients 10(1):pii: E23, 2017 10.3390/nu10010023
Is it dead or alive? TLR8 can tell
Tangye, S. G.
NATURE IMMUNOLOGY 19(4):324-326, 2018 10.1038/s41590-018-0070-x