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Estrogen and progesterone receptor assays in human breast cancer: sources of variation between laboratories
Borjesson, B. W.;McGinley, R.;Foo, T. M.;Smyth, C.;Toppila, M.;Compton, P.;Sarfaty, G. A. :
Eur J Cancer Clin Oncol 23 (7) :999-1004, 1987
Do low dose corticosteroids cause significant bone loss?
Sambrook, P. N.; Eisman, J. A.; Champion, G. D.; Pocock, N. A.; Yeates, M. G.; Christiansen, C.; Riis, B.
Osteoporosis 1987 :1056-1058, 1987
Neuroregulation of glucose homeostasis and the anterior pituitary: The integrative role of central noradrenaline
Smythe, G. A.;Compton, P. J.;Grunstein, H. S.;Storlien, L. H. :
Proc Endoc Soc Aust,Seminar Meeting, Bowral 30 :S1(18), 1987
The amino acid sequence of Emu osteocalcin: gas phase sequencing of Gla-containing proteins
Huq, N. L.;Tseng, A.;Chapman, G. E. :
Biochem Int 15 (2) :271-7, 1987
Progesterone receptor regulation by 17 beta-estradiol in human endometrial carcinoma grown in nude mice
Clarke, C. L.;Feil, P. D.;Satyaswaroop, P. G. :
ENDOCRINOLOGY 121 (5) :1642-8, 1987
Stimulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and inhibition of growth hormone release via increased central noradrenaline neuronal activity by urethane anaesthesia in the rat: blockade by clonidine
Smythe, G. A.;Gleeson, R. M.;Stead, B. H. :
Aust J Biol Sci 40 (1) :91-6, 1987
The effects of exercise and exercise training on carbohydrate metabolism
Chisholm, D. J.;Kraegen, E. W.;James, D. J. :
Diabetes Conquest 3 :13-18, 1987
Body Weight
Storlien, L. H.;Smythe, G. A. :
Depression and Mania: Modern Lithium Therapy :195-197, 1987
Studies on the ligand specificity and potential identity of microsomal antiestrogen-binding sites
Watts, C. K.;Sutherland, R. L. :
MOLECULAR PHARMACOLOGY 31 (5) :541-51, 1987
Kinetic basis for cell synchronization by antioestrogens and oestrogens in human breast cancer cells
Sutherland, R. L.; Watts, C. K. W.; Hall, R. E.; Baulieu, E. E.
Endocrinology and Malignancy: Basic and Clinical Issues :121-129, 1987
Inductive knowledge acquisition: A case study
Quinlan, J. R.;Compton, P. J.;Horn, K. A.;Lazarus, L. :
Applications of Expert Systems :159-173, 1987
Effect of thyroid hormone dosage on thyroid function tests in T4-replaced hypothyroid patients
Symons, R. G.;Murphy, L. J.;Cai, W. Y. :
Chin Med J (Engl) 100 (3) :211-5, 1987
Osteolytic Paget's disease: recognition and risks of biopsy
Eisman, J. A.; Martin, T. J.; Bragg, D. G.
The Year Book of Diagnostic Radiology :426-427, 1987
The measurement of hormones in saliva: possibilities and pitfalls
Vining, R. F.;McGinley, R. A. :
Controlling Type II diabetes
Grunstein, H. S.;Chisholm, D. J. :
Practical Therapeutics 11 :53-62, 1987
Insulin therapy in patients with poorly controlled non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
Bruce, D. G.;Clark, E. M.;Campbell, L. V.;Chisholm, D. J. :