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OpenAccess publication Telomere-driven karyotypic complexity concurs with p16INK4a inactivation in TP53-competent immortal endothelial cells
Wen, V. W.;Wu, K.;Baksh, S.;Hinshelwood, R. A.;Lock, R. B.;Clark, S. J.;Moore, M. A.;Mackenzie, K. L. :
CANCER RESEARCH 66 (22) :10691-700, 2006
Headloop suppression PCR and its application to selective amplification of methylated DNA sequences
Rand, K. N.;Ho, T.;Qu, W.;Mitchell, S. M.;White, R.;Clark, S. J.;Molloy, P. L. :
NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 33 (14) :e127, 2005
Studying mammalian DNA methylation: Bisulphite modification
Clark, S. J.; M, E.
DNA Methylation; Approaches, Methods and Applications :53-63, 2005
Mutation and methylation analysis of TP53 in adrenal carcinogenesis
Sidhu, S.;Martin, E.;Gicquel, C.;Melki, J.;Clark, S. J.;Campbell, P.;Magarey, C. J.;Schulte, K. M.;Roher, H. D.;Delbridge, L.;Robinson, B. G. :
Eur J Surg Oncol 31 (5) :549-54, 2005
Hypermethylation of the prostacyclin synthase (PTGIS) promoter is a frequent event in colorectal cancer and associated with aneuploidy
Frigola, J.;Munoz, M.;Clark, S. J.;Moreno, V.;Capella, G.;Peinado, M. A. :
ONCOGENE 24 (49) :7320-6, 2005
Transcriptional gene silencing promotes DNA hypermethylation through a sequential change in chromatin modifications in cancer cells
Stirzaker, C.;Song, J. Z.;Davidson, B.;Clark, S. J. :
CANCER RESEARCH 64 (11) :3871-7, 2004