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OpenAccess publication Comprehensive comparison of large-scale tissue expression datasets
Santos, A. ; Tsafou, K. ; Stolte, C. ; Pletscher-Frankild, S. ; O'Donoghue, S. I. ; Jensen, L. J.;
PeerJ 3 :e1054, 2015
SnapShot: insulin/IGF1 signaling
Ma, D. K. ; Stolte, C. ; Krycer, J. R. ; James, D. E. ; O'Donoghue, S. I.;
CELL 161 (4) :948-948 e1, 2015
Visual analytics of signalling pathways using time profiles
Ma, D. K. ; Stolte, C. ; Kaur, S. ; Bain, M. ; O'Donoghue, S. I.;
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 823 :3-22, 2015
OpenAccess publication COMPARTMENTS: unification and visualization of protein subcellular localization evidence
Binder, J. X.; Pletscher-Frankild, S.; Tsafou, K.; Stolte, C.; O'Donoghue, S. I.; Schneider, R.; Jensen, L. J.;
Database-The Journal of Biological Databases and Curation 2014 :bau012, 2014