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Combined expression of A1 and A20 achieves optimal protection of renal proximal tubular epithelial cells
Kunter, U.;Daniel, S.;Arvelo, M. B.;Choi, J.;Shukri, T.;Patel, V. I.;Longo, C. R.;Scali, S. T.;Shrikhande, G.;Rocha, E.;Czismadia, E.;Mottley, C.;Grey, S. T.;Floege, J.;Ferran, C. :
KIDNEY INTERNATIONAL 68 (4) :1520-32, 2005
The BAFF/APRIL system: an important player in systemic rheumatic diseases
Mackay, F.;Sierro, F.;Grey, S. T.;Gordon, T. P. :
Curr Dir Autoimmun 8 :243-65, 2005
Functional dichotomy of A20 in apoptotic and necrotic cell death
Storz, P.;Doppler, H.;Ferran, C.;Grey, S. T.;Toker, A. :
BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 387 (Pt 1) :47-55, 2005
BAFF augments certain Th1-associated inflammatory responses
Sutherland, A. P.;Ng, L. G.;Fletcher, C. A.;Shum, B.;Newton, R. A.;Grey, S. T.;Rolph, M. S.;Mackay, F.;Mackay, C. R. :
JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 174 (9) :5537-44, 2005
A20 protects mice from lethal radical hepatectomy by promoting hepatocyte proliferation via a p21waf1-dependent mechanism
Longo, C. R.;Patel, V. I.;Shrikhande, G. V.;Scali, S. T.;Csizmadia, E.;Daniel, S.;Sun, D. W.;Grey, S. T.;Arvelo, M. B.;Ferran, C. :
HEPATOLOGY 42 (1) :156-64, 2005
Depleting anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody cures new-onset diabetes, prevents recurrent autoimmune diabetes, and delays allograft rejection in nonobese diabetic mice
Makhlouf, L.;Grey, S. T.;Dong, V.;Csizmadia, E.;Arvelo, M. B.;Auchincloss, H., Jr.;Ferran, C.;Sayegh, M. H. :
TRANSPLANTATION 77 (7) :990-7, 2004
A20 protects endothelial cells from TNF-, Fas-, and NK-mediated cell death by inhibiting caspase 8 activation
Daniel, S.;Arvelo, M. B.;Patel, V. I.;Longo, C. R.;Shrikhande, G.;Shukri, T.;Mahiou, J.;Sun, D. W.;Mottley, C.;Grey, S. T.;Ferran, C. :
Blood 104 (8) :2376-84, 2004
Role for activating transcription factor 3 in stress-induced beta-cell apoptosis
Hartman, M. G.;Lu, D.;Kim, M. L.;Kociba, G. J.;Shukri, T.;Buteau, J.;Wang, X.;Frankel, W. L.;Guttridge, D.;Prentki, M.;Grey, S. T.;Ron, D.;Hai, T. :