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OpenAccess publication Lineage specific methylation of the Elf5 promoter in mammary epithelial cells.
Lee, H.J.; Hinshelwood, R.A.; Bouras, T.; Gallego-Ortega, D.; Valdes-Mora, F.; Blazek, K.; Visvader, J.E.; Clark, S.J.; Ormandy, C.J.
STEM CELLS 29 (10) :1611-9, 2011
OpenAccess publication Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis
Coolen, M.W.; Clark, S.J.
Epigenetics: A Reference Manual :chapter 22, 2011
OpenAccess publication Dynamics of bivalent chromatin domains upon drug induced reactivation and resilencing in cancer cells
Mayor, R.; Munoz, M.; Coolen, M.W.; Custodio, J.; Esteller, M.; Clark, S.J.; Peinado, M.A.
Epigenetics 6 (9) :1138-1148, 2011
OpenAccess publication Epigenetics in prostate cancer: biologic and clinical relevance
Jeronimo, C.; Bastian, P. J.; Bjartell, A.; Carbone, G. M.; Catto, J. W.; Clark, S. J.; Henrique, R.; Nelson, W. G.; Shariat, S. F.:
EUROPEAN UROLOGY 60 (4) :753-66, 2011 S0302-2838(11)00659-2 [pii] 10.1016/j.eururo.2011.06.035
OpenAccess publication We are what we eat: how nutritional compounds such as isoflavones shape our epigenome
Guerrero-Bosagna, C.M.; Clark, S.J.
Nutrition in Epigenetics :ch15, 2011 10.1002/9780470959824.ch15
OpenAccess publication Discovery pipeline for epigenetically deregulated miRNAs in cancer: integration of primary miRNA transcription
Hulf, T.; Sibbritt, T.; Wiklund, E. D.; Bert, S.; Strbenac, D.; Statham, A. L.; Robinson, M. D.; Clark, S. J.
BMC Genomics 12 :54, 2011 1471-2164-12-54 [pii] 10.1186/1471-2164-12-54
OpenAccess publication Coordinated epigenetic repression of the miR-200 family and miR-205 in invasive bladder cancer
Wiklund, E.D., Bramsen, J.B., Hulf, T., Dyrskjt, L., Ramanathan, R., Hansen, T.B., Villadsen, S.B., Gao, S., Ostenfeld, M.S., Borre, M., Peter, M.E., rntoft, T.F., Kjems, J.; Clark, S.J.
OpenAccess publication Comparison of methyl-DNA immunoprecipitation (MeDIP) and methyl-CpG binding domain (MBD) protein capture for genome-wide DNA methylation analysis reveal CpG sequence coverage bias
Nair, S., Coolen, M.W., Stirzaker, C., Song, J., Statham A.L., Strbenac, D., Robinson, M.D.; Clark S.J.
Epigenetics 6 (1) :34-44, 2011
OpenAccess publication Epigenetic deregulation across chromosome 2q14.2 differentiates normal from prostate cancer and provides a regional panel of novel DNA methylation cancer biomarkers
Devaney, J.; Stirzaker, C.; Qu, W.; Song, J.; Statham, A.; Patterson, K.I.; Horvath, L.; Tabor, B.; Coolen, M.W.; Hulf, T.; Kench, J.G.; Henshall, S.M.; Pe Benito, R.; Haynes, A-M.; Mayor, R.; Peinado, M.; Sutherland, R.L.; Clark, S.J.
CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY BIOMARKERS & PREVENTION 20 (1) :148-59, 2011 1055-9965.EPI-10-0719 [pii] 10.1158/1055-9965.EPI-10-0719
OpenAccess publication Epigenetic architecture and miRNA: reciprocal regulators
Wiklund, E. D.; Kjems, J.; Clark, S.J.:
Epigenomics 2 (6) :823-840, 2010 DOI 10.2217/epi.10.51
OpenAccess publication Evaluation of affinity-based genome-wide DNA methylation data: Effects of CpG density, amplification bias, and copy number variation
Robinson, M.D.; Stirzaker, C.; Statham, A.L.; Coolen, M.W.; Song, J.; Nair, S.; Strbenac, D.; Speed, T.P.; Clark, S.J.:
GENOME RESEARCH 20 (12) :1719-29, 2010 gr.110601.110 [pii] 10.1101/gr.110601.110
OpenAccess publication Protocol matters: Which methylome are you actually studying?
Robinson, M.D.; Statham, A.L.; Speed, T.P.; Clark, S.J.
Epigenomics 2 (4) :587-598, 2010 10.2217/epi.10.36
OpenAccess publication Consolidation of the cancer genome into domains of repressive chromatin by long-range epigenetic silencing (LRES) reduces transcriptional plasticity
Coolen, M.W., Stirzaker, C., Song, J.Z., Statham, A.L., Kassir, Z., Moreno, C.S., Young, A.N., Varma, V., Speed, T.P., Cowley, M., Lacaze, P., Kaplan, W., Robinson, M.D.; Clark, S.J.
NATURE CELL BIOLOGY 12 (3) :235, 2010 10.1038/ncb2023
OpenAccess publication Collagen and calcium-binding EGF domains 1 is frequently inactivated in ovarian cancer by aberrant promoter hypermethylation and modulates cell migration and survival
Barton, C.A., Gloss, B.S., Qu, W., Statham, A.L., Hacker, N.F., Sutherland, R.L., Clark, S.J.; O'Brien, P.M.
British Journal of Cancer 102 (1) :87-96, 2010 10.1038/sj.bjc.6605429
OpenAccess publication Nonelective excisional colorectal surgery in English National Health Service Trusts: a study of outcomes from Hospital Episode Statistics Data between 1996 and 2007
Faiz, O.; Warusavitarne, J.; Bottle, A.; Tekkis, P. P.; Clark, S. K.; Darzi, A. W.; Aylin, P.;
OpenAccess publication Repitools: an R package for the analysis of enrichment-based epigenomic data
Statham, A. L.; Strbenac, D.; Coolen, M. W.; Stirzaker, C.; Clark, S. J.; Robinson, M. D.;
Bioinformatics 26 (13) :1662-3, 2010