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OpenAccess publication Aberrant de novo methylation of the p16INK4A CpG island is initiated post gene silencing in association with chromatin remodeling and mimics nucleosome positioning.
Hinshelwood, R.A.; Melki, J.R.; Huschtscha, L.I.; Paul, C.; Song, J.Z.; Stirzaker, C.; Reddel, R.R.; Clark, S.J.
HUMAN MOLECULAR GENETICS 18 (16) :3098-3109, 2009 10.1093/hmg/ddp251
OpenAccess publication Low 06-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) expression and response to temozolomide in aggressive pituitary tumours
McCormack, A.I.; McDonald, K.L.; Gill, A.J.; Clark, S.J.; Burt, M.G.; Campbell, K.A.; Braund, W.J.; Little, N.S.; Cook, R.J.; Grossman A.B.; Robinson, B.G.; Clifton-Bligh, R.J.
CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY 71 (2) :226-233, 2009 10.1111/j.1365-2265.2008.03487.x
OpenAccess publication Long range epigenetic silencing in 2q14.2 affects most human colorectal cancers and may have application as a non-invasive biomarker of disease
Mayor, R.; Casadome, L.; Azuara, D.; Moreno, V.; Clark, S.J.; Capella, G.; Peinado, M.A.
British Journal of Cancer 100 (10) :1534-1539, 2009 10.1038/sj.bjc.6605045
OpenAccess publication Epigenetic and phenotypic changes result from a continuous pre and post natal dietary exposure to phytoestrogens in an experimental population of mice
Guerrero-Bosagna, C. M.; Sabat, P.; Valdovinos, F. S.; Valladares, L. E.; Clark, S. J.
BMC Physiology 8 :17, 2008
OpenAccess publication Breast cancer epigenetics: normal human mammary epithelial cells as a model system
Hinshelwood, R.A.; Clark, S.J.
OpenAccess publication DNA methylation changes in ovarian cancer: implications for early diagnosis, prognosis and treatment
Barton, C. A.;Hacker, N. F.;Clark, S. J.;O'Brien, P. M. :
GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY 109 (1) :129-39, 2008
OpenAccess publication Epigenetic markers of ovarian cancer
Barton, C. A.;Clark, S. J.;Hacker, N. F.;O'Brien, P. M. :
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 622 :35-51, 2008
OpenAccess publication Concordant epigenetic silencing of transforming growth factor-beta signaling pathway genes occurs early in breast carcinogenesis
Hinshelwood, R. A.;Huschtscha, L. I.;Melki, J.;Stirzaker, C.;Abdipranoto, A.;Vissel, B.;Ravasi, T.;Wells, C. A.;Hume, D. A.;Reddel, R. R.;Clark, S. J. :
CANCER RESEARCH 67 (24) :11517-27, 2007
OpenAccess publication DNA methylation: bisulphite modification and analysis.
Clark, S. J.;Statham, A.;Stirzaker, C.;Molloy, P. L.;Frommer, M. :
Nature Protocols 1 (5) :2353-2364, 2007
OpenAccess publication Epigenetic inactivation of a cluster of genes flanking MLH1 in microsatellite-unstable colorectal cancer
Hitchins, M. P.;Lin, V. A.;Buckle, A.;Cheong, K.;Halani, N.;Ku, S.;Kwok, C. T.;Packham, D.;Suter, C. M.;Meagher, A.;Stirzaker, C.;Clark, S.;Hawkins, N. J.;Ward, R. L. :
CANCER RESEARCH 67 (19) :9107-16, 2007
OpenAccess publication Action at a distance: epigenetic silencing of large chromosomal regions in carcinogenesis
Clark, S. J. :
HUMAN MOLECULAR GENETICS 16 Spec No 1 :R88-95, 2007
OpenAccess publication Genomic profiling of CpG methylation and allelic specificity using quantitative high-throughput mass spectrometry: critical evaluation and improvements
Coolen, M. W.;Statham, A. L.;Gardiner-Garden, M.;Clark, S. J. :
NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 35 (18) :e119, 2007
OpenAccess publication DNA methylation: bisulphite modification and analysis
Clark, S. J.;Statham, A.;Stirzaker, C.;Molloy, P. L.;Frommer, M. :
Nature Protocols 1 (5) :2353-64, 2006
OpenAccess publication Permissive transcriptional activity at the centromere through pockets of DNA hypomethylation
Wong, N. C.;Wong, L. H.;Quach, J. M.;Canham, P.;Craig, J. M.;Song, J. Z.;Clark, S. J.;Choo, K. H. :
PLOS GENET 2 (2) :e17, 2006
OpenAccess publication Bisulphite differential denaturation PCR for analysis of DNA methylation
Rand, K. N.;Mitchell, S. M.;Clark, S. J.;Molloy, P. L. :
Epigenetics 1 (2) :94-100, 2006
OpenAccess publication Epigenetic remodeling in colorectal cancer results in coordinate gene suppression across an entire chromosome band
Frigola, J.;Song, J.;Stirzaker, C.;Hinshelwood, R. A.;Peinado, M. A.;Clark, S. J. :
NATURE GENETICS 38 (5) :540-9, 2006