Steering Committee

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A/Prof Marcel Dinger 
CEO, Genome.One
Head, Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics

A/Prof Julie McGaughran 
Director, Genetic Health Queensland

Prof David Amor
Pamela and Lorenzo Galli Chair of Developmental Medicine

Dr Gareth Baynam
Director, Undiagnosed Diseases Program, Western Australia
Head, Western Australian Register of Developmental Anomalies

Dr Edwin Kirk
Genetic Pathologist, SEALS Genetics, NSW Health Pathology

Kate Dunlop
Director, The Centre for Genetics Education NSW Health

Prof Hamish Scott
Head, Department of Genetics and Molecular Pathology
Director, The Centre of Cancer Biology ACRF Cancer Genome Facility at SA Pathology

Dr Cliff Meldrum
Director, Genomics NSW Health Pathology

A/Prof Kristine Barlow-Stewart
Director, Master of Genetic Counselling Program, University of Sydney

Dr Michael Buckley
Supervising Pathologist, Genome.One
Clinical Director, SEALS Genetics, NSW Health Pathology