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About the Garvan Research Foundation

The aim of the Foundation is to help Garvan's researchers discover better health outcomes for everyone affected by disease. We do this through fundraising, bequest management and various partnerships; but most importantly, by connecting to people like you.


Why Garvan needs your help

The Garvan Research Foundation provides fundraising support to the Institute’s medical research programs. 

Your donation helps our scientists find better diagnostics, personalised treatments and ultimately to prevent a range of diseases.

Your support also drives novel projects – the exploratory ideas and breakthrough science which will revolutionise healthcare.

Plus you’ll be contributing to vital technology and know-how. Every dollar goes surprisingly far.


Don't wait until someone you know needs our research

Tennille woke up in the middle of the night with a stabbing pain in her breast. Her GP felt a large lump and sent her off for an urgent biopsy that revealed she had cancer – and it was aggressive.


“It seems that no one is immune from cancer. That’s why research is so vital. To find better, more targeted treatments. Cancer affects everybody some time, somehow … so the research will too.”


Thankfully, the cancer hadn’t spread. But Tennille needed a mastectomy straight away. After two operations she faced six months of chemotherapy and five weeks of radiation therapy.

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More about the Foundation

Like our scientists, we collaborate with a range of community groups to ensure the Garvan’s scientific breakthroughs are supported and achieved. Because we feel every community in Australia could be impacted by our findings.

We value each and every one of our supporters, whether you’re a donor, volunteer, fundraiser or generous partner. Supporters like you are making the revolution in healthcare happen right now. Be a part of this great future.