Foundation Chairman's Message

Geoff DixonThe Garvan Research Foundation continues to be very fortunate in receiving the ongoing generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations from across Australia. In 2015 we received almost $50 million in donations and the impact of this support cannot be underestimated.

In particular the fact that Garvan continues to receive ongoing support from significant donors such as The Kinghorn Foundation; Mrs Janice Gibson and the Ernest Heine Family Foundation; Mrs Jane Hemstritch; The Alan Elder Trust; The Bill and Patricia Ritchie Foundation; The Walker Family Foundation; Alan and Lynne Rydge; the Roth Charitable Foundation; The Ross Trust;

Mr Len Ainsworth and the NAB Foundation is a testament to how the Garvan is viewed in the community.

A highlight of the past year was the launch of the DreamLab smartphone app in partnership with the Vodafone Foundation. This innovative app harnesses the processing power of individual smartphones to form a super computer that is helping Garvan’s researchers understand a piece of the cancer puzzle.

Garvan is also very fortunate to have a wonderful group of corporate partners. In 2015 this included THE ICONIC, Karen Walker and Bobbi Brown who supported Garvan’s ‘Fashion Targets Breast Cancer’

campaign. The Ridley Corporation supported the ‘Medical Research and Rural Health – Garvan Report 2015’ which used evidence- based data to provide insight into the health issues facing rural and regional populations across Australia. Thank you all.

We received several significant bequests in 2015. These support Garvan’s core research areas and are used to strengthen our strategic reserves. We continue to be particularly grateful to these supporters for their long-term vision. Donations to Garvan in memoriam or in lieu of gifts or flowers also provided steady support throughout the year.

We cannot underestimate the role that our wonderful volunteers play in enhancing the Foundation’s ability to support the research at Garvan.

Finally, I would like to offer a sincere thank you to each and every one of the organisations and individuals who have given their time, talent and funds to support Garvan’s work throughout 2015.

Mr Geoff Dixon