About the Garvan Institute

The Garvan Institute is one of Australia's premier medical research institutes.

We see a healthier future. It’s within reach.

The Garvan Institute is a leading multi-disciplinary biomedical research institute in Darlinghurst, Sydney. With some of the brightest scientific minds and best technologies on the planet, we see the big picture of health and disease.

Our researchers harness all the information of the genome to better predict, diagnose, prevent and treat disease — and realise our vision of a future where everyone lives longer, healthier lives.

Our research is developing earlier detection and finding real treatments for the diseases having the biggest impact on society. By reading your genome, we’ll be able to determine your risk for a range of diseases, and devise a prevention plan to make sure they don’t develop.

What makes Garvan special

Our 600 researchers are all working together, under one roof, to improve health outcomes for us all.

One of Garvan’s greatest strengths is active cross-collaboration between its research areas and the innovation this drives. Our discoveries in one disease often help make advances in other diseases.


Our research scope

Since 1963, we've been making significant breakthroughs in:

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The Garvan Institute is affiliated with St Vincent’s Health Australia and UNSW Sydney.