Garvan Global Genomics Report


We are delighted to announce the launch of a landmark analysis that unpacks the impact of genomics on the healthcare sector worldwide.

Garvan Global Genomics Report cover

  • Genomics is changing healthcare – now and for future generations
  • It’s creating new medical products and services
  • It’s shifting the emphasis onto prevention rather than late treatment
  • It's bringing research and the clinic far closer together.

The Garvan Global Genomics Report examines new global trends in scientific discovery, clinical trials, and patenting related to genomics.

The report is designed to help businesses and organisations to grapple with the clinical and commercial changes that genomic technologies are bringing about. A comprehensive resource, the report draws on patents, scientific publications, and clinical trials data to map out the emerging medical and consumer health applications of genomics.

Organisations that purchase the report will gain unique insights, perspectives and data that will help place them at the forefront of this rapidly unfolding revolution in healthcare.


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This insightful and strategic report is available for purchase through Barlow Advisory.

About Thomas Barlow

Thomas Barlow serves as a distinguished adviser on knowledge investment, R&D policy, and research performance to a range of technology-intensive companies, government agencies, and universities globally. He is the author of three books on science and innovation, and publisher of the Barlow Report, a biennial resource for higher education institutions in Australia and East Asia.

He has previously worked as a weekly columnist for the Financial Times newspaper in London. He has also been the science policy adviser to the Minister for Education, Science and Training in the Australian Government.