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Speak-up (Whistleblower) policy


The Garvan Institute of Medical Research (Garvan) is a highly regarded global medical research organisation.We are proud of our people – scientists, clinicians and professionals attracted from around the world. We are a diverse community of passionate, innovative, enquiring minds. We aspire to foster an environment that develops these brilliant minds to enable and deliver great science.

The Board and Leadership teams of Garvan are committed to acting with integrity, inspiring excellence, being innovative, being collaborative and being brave. We hold ourselves to high standards of professional and ethical conduct, ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, codes and good governance practices across all aspects of our operations and activities. To achieve our strategic objectives our staff and partners must understand and follow our policies, procedures and guidelines.

Garvan is committed to creating an environment where people feel safe to speak up on matters that concern them. The Board and Leadership teams encourages people to speak up if they observe or suspect any unethical, illegal, fraudulent or undesirable conduct involving Garvan.

The Board has adopted a Speak Up Policy, with policy objective to encourage reporting of serious wrongdoing that is of legitimate concern by providing a convenient and safe reporting mechanism and protection for people who make serious wrongdoing disclosures.

This policy:

  • Encourages and supports an Eligible Person, when acting in good faith, to Speak Up should they have reasonable grounds to suspect that an activity or behaviour constitutes serious wrongdoing and/or could negatively impact Garvan’s reputation
  • Allows the Eligible Person, when acting in good faith, to report anonymously and remain anonymous during the process if they wish
  • Outlines the Speak Up process
  • Outlines the protection provided to an Eligible Person, when acting in good faith, so that they are reassured they can Speak Up without fear of adverse repercussions, intimidation, disadvantage or victimisation.

This policy is one of a broader group of policies around appropriate, lawful and ethical behaviour.

Raise a whistleblower complaint