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Research integrity

The Garvan Institute is committed to the key principles of scientific research:

  • Honesty and integrity in all aspects of research
  • Accountability in the conduct of research
  • Professional courtesy and fairness in working with others
  • Respect for human research participants and animals used in research
  • Appropriate acknowledgement of the role of others in research
  • Good stewardship of public funds used to conduct research, and
  • Responsible communication of research results to others.

The principles that govern scientific research are explained in the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2018) and associated guides (the Code), and are applied by Garvan in the conduct of its research programs. All Garvan staff, students and visiting scientists are required to adhere to this Code.

Garvan defines research misconduct as a serious breach of the Code which is also intentional or reckless or negligent. The Garvan Institute seeks to:

  • Foster integrity in the practice of scientific research by taking appropriate remedial action in cases of breaches of the Code; and
  • Promote the integrity of the scientific literature by correcting errors whether they are accidental or deliberate.

Garvan will take any allegations of potential breaches of the Code very seriously and will manage all allegations through well-defined processes outlined in its Research Misconduct Policy.

If anyone, whether associated or not with the institute, has any concerns about possible breaches of the Code by Garvan researchers they should contact Garvan's Designated Officer (see below) who has the formal role of receiving such concerns and overseeing their management and investigation as required.

Garvan Institute staff seeking further information or advice in relation to concerns relating to research misconduct should contact the institute’s Research Integrity Advisor (see below).

Research Integrity Advisor

Garvan's Research Integrity Advisor can give confidential advice about what constitutes a breach of the Code, information on Garvan’s procedures for managing allegations of potential breaches of the Code, and the options open to a potential complainant.

The Institute’s adviser (as at July 2019) is:

Designated Officer

The Designated Officer, appointed by Garvan’s Executive Director, is the person who receives complaints about the conduct of research or potential breaches of the Code and oversees their management and investigation where required.

The Institute’s Designated Officer (as at July 2019) is:

Complaints regarding the research conduct of any Garvan staff member or student undergo an initial internal assessment by senior Assessment Officers to determine if there is a case for further investigation. If further investigation is recommended, a formal Investigation Panel is appointed to make findings of fact and assess whether a breach has occurred, the extent of the breach, and to recommend actions to be taken.

The principles of procedural fairness will always be applied when an investigation is undertaken, so that it is thorough, robust and free from bias.

The final decision on any remedial action to be taken will be made by the Executive Director, based on recommendations of the Investigation Panel and the Designated Officer, and in accordance with Garvan’s policies and procedures.

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