Organisation Structure


Board of Directors 

Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Chair: Dr John Schubert AO

Garvan Research Foundation

Chair: Dr Russell Scrimshaw 

Garvan Leadership Team

Executive Director (interim): Prof Peter Croucher

Chief Operating Officer: Nat McGregor

Chief People Officer: Cleo Rowley

Chief Financial Officer: Samantha Malone

Chief Commercial Development Officer: Dr Roz Hendriks

Director of Garvan Research Foundation: Mara-Jean Tilley


Pillar Director: Prof Daniel MacArthur

Pillar Director: A/Prof Sarah Kummerfeld

Pillar Director: Prof Joseph Powell

Pillar Director: Prof Robert Brink

Pillar Director: Prof Anthony Joshua

Group General Counsel: Nancy Campisi

Strategic Pillar Directors

Genomic Science 

Pillar Director: Prof Daniel MacArthur

Data Science

Pillar Director: A/Prof Sarah Kummerfeld

Cellular Science

Pillar Director: Prof Joseph Powell

Translation Science 

Pillar Director: Prof Robert Brink

Clinical Science 

Pillar Director: Prof Anthony Joshua


Strategic Program Leads

Accelerating genomic diagnosis of disease

Co-Lead: A/Prof Jodie Ingles

Co-Lead: A/Prof Owen Siggs

Unpacking complex disease, cell by cell

Co-Lead: Prof Joseph Powell

Co-Lead: Dr Robert Weatheritt 

Powering up the immune system's cells

Co-Lead: A/Prof Elissa Deenick

Co-Lead: Prof Tri Phan

Precision medicine for cancer

Co-Lead: A/Prof Christine Chaffer

Co-Lead: A/Prof Marina Pajic 

Targeting the dynamic cellular ecosystem in cancer

Co-Lead: A/Prof Alex Swarbrick

Co-Lead: Prof Paul Timpson  

Overcoming the burden of skeletal disease

Co-Lead: Prof Jacqueline Center

Co-Lead: Prof Mike Rogers 

Professional Services

Chief Operating Officer: Nat McGregor

Chief People Officer: Cleo Rowley

Chief Financial Officer: Samantha Malone

Chief Commercial Development Officer: Roz Hendriks

General Counsel: Nancy Campisi

Animal Facilities: Dr Jenny Kingham

Building Operations: Andrew Humphries

Facilities Business: Dr Amanda Brindley

Information Technology: James Odell

Research Services: Louise Fleck