Garvan Institute of Medical Research


Board of Directors 

Chair: Dr John Schubert AO


Executive: Prof Christopher Goodnow FAA FRS

Deputy Director: Prof Peter Croucher

Chief Operating Officer: Mr Nat McGregor



Garvan Research Foundation 


Board of Directors 

Chair: Dr Russell Scrimshaw 


Director: Ms Mara-Jean Tilley

Deputy Director: Mr Brad Timms 


The Services Team

Chief Operating Officer: Mr Nat McGregor

Australian BioResources: Dr Jenny Kingham

Building Operations: Andrew Humphries

Business Development and Innovation: David Barda

Facilities Business: Dr Amanda Brindley

Finance and Accounting: Samantha Malone 

Internal Audit and Business Improvement: Carolyn Loughnan

Legal Counsel and Board Secretary: Nancy Campisi

Technology Services: Esteve Mayolas 

People and Culture Director: Cleo Rowley

WHS and Compliance: Abril Rojas-Crisostomo

Grants Administration: Sonja Bates and Mariette Leroux

Human Research Governance: Therese Lim

Research Ethics and Compliance: Dr Rayson Tan

Animal Welfare: Dr Sarah Leonhard

Student Programs: Dr Tracy Anderson