Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Board of Directors 

Chair: Dr John Schubert AO


Executive: Prof Christopher Goodnow FAA FRS

Deputy Director: Prof Peter Croucher

Chief Operating Officer: Mr Nat McGregor

Chief Scientific Officer: Prof Marie Dziadek



Garvan Research Foundation 

Board of Directors 

Chair: Mr Russell Scrimshaw 


Director: Ms Mara-Jean Tilley

Deputy Director: Mr Brad Timms 

Research themes

Cancer research

Head: Prof David Thomas


Prof Chris Ormandy 
A/Prof Alex Swarbrick
A/Prof Elgene Lim
A/Prof Joseph Powell
A/Prof Paul Timpson
Dr Christine Chaffer
Dr David Croucher
Dr Marina Pajic

Genomics and epigenetics research

Head: Prof Susan Clark

Prof Vanessa Hayes
Prof Sean O'Donoghue
Dr Ozren Bogdanovic
Dr Timothy Mercer
Dr Robert Weatheritt
Emeritus Fellow: Prof John Shine AO FAA


Healthy ageing research 

Head: Prof Peter Croucher 


Prof Trevor Biden
Prof Jacqueline Center
Prof John Eisman
Prof Mark Febbraio
Prof Jerry Greenfield
Prof Herbert Herzog
Prof John Mattick
Prof Tuan Nguyen
Prof Mike Rogers
Prof David Ryugo
Prof Katherine Samaras
A/Prof Paul Baldock
A/Prof Antony Cooper
A/Prof Ross Laybutt
A/Prof Carsten Schmitz-Peiffer
Emeritus Fellow: Prof Don Chisholm AO
Emeritus Fellow: Prof John Eisman AO
Emeritus Fellow: Prof Lesley Campbell AM
Emeritus Fellow: Prof Ted Kraegen AO


Immunity and Inflammation research

Head: Prof Stuart Tangye


Prof Robert Brink
Prof Daniel Christ
Prof Christopher Goodnow
Prof Jonathan Sprent
A/Prof Elissa Deenick
A/Prof Shane Grey
A/Prof Tri Phan
Dr Tatyana Chtanova
Emeritus Fellow: Prof Antony Basten AO FAA

Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics 

Clinical Head: Dr Mary-Anne Young 

Scientific Head: A/Prof Sarah Kummerfield 

Garvan-Weizmann Centre for Cellular Genomics  

Head: A/Prof Joseph Powell

Development & Support 

Chief Operating Officer: Mr Nat McGregor

Australian BioResources: Dr Jenny Kingham

Business Development & Innovation: David Barda

People and Culture: Cleo Rowley 

Finance & Accounting: Samantha Malone 

Internal Audit & Business Improvement: Carolyn Loughnan

Information Technology: Esteve Mayolas 

Legal Office: Nancy Campisi

Building Services: Lynn Croft

Engineering Services: Ryan Kolster

Facilities Businesss: Amanda Brindley

Scientific Support Services: Dr Rebecca Brown 

WHS and Compliance: Dr Kharen Doyle 



Chief Scientific Officer: Prof Marie Dziadek

Grants Administration: Sonja Bates, Grainne Mullen and Mariette Leroux

Human Research Governance: Therese Lim

Research Ethics and Compliance: Dr Rayson Tan

Animal Welfare: Dr Sarah Leonhard

Student Programs: Dr Tracy Anderson