Academic partnerships

Garvan's Partnerships team provides support to academic researchers at Garvan and around the world by:

  • reviewing and negotiating grant agreements
  • assisting with research collaboration agreements
  • ensuring Material Transfer Agreements are in place
  • protecting prospective intellectual property by putting confidentiality agreements in place.

We assist researchers facilitate academic collaborations and determine the most appropriate agreement to put in place.

For further information or advice please contact the Garvan Partnerships team.

Material Transfers

To protect the rights of Garvan scientists and the responsibilities of the Institute to its supporters and partners, Garvan uses a material transfer agreement (MTA) to establish the terms and conditions for sharing research materials with academic collaborators.

The Garvan MTA is based on the uniform agreement recommended by the Association of University Technology Managers. A sample Garvan MTA can be downloaded from this web site and a specific agreement arranged by contacting the Garvan scientist in possession of the desired materials.

Garvan’s MTA-Web is an automated, web-based system that has been created to facilitate the prompt exchange of academic research materials while protecting the strategic commercial rights of the institute.