Career Development Awards

Career Development Awards

2016 Young Garvan Award Winner Dr Samantha Oakes (right) with Delta Airlines USA flight winners Dr Marcia Munoz and Dr David Herrmann

Early Career Researchers (ECRs) at the Garvan Institute are eligible to be considered for a number of awards to assist them in developing their research careers.  These include the following awards:

The Young Garvan Award

Through the generous support of Young Garvan, a volunteer group of young professionals, a Young Garvan Award  is offered each year towards supporting an outstanding young investigator to undertake an innovative, high risk project testing a new idea that could provide the proof of concept needed to secure project grant funding. In 2016 three finalists for the Young Garvan Award were judged on their presentations to guests at the ‘Edgy Ideas’ event held on 16 June.  

This Year's Winners

2017 Award – Dr Joanne Read

2016 Award – Dr Samantha Oakes ($25,000); Delta Airlines USA flight winners – Dr Marcia Munoz and Dr David Herrmann

Past Winners

2015 Award – Dr David Croucher; $5,000 special travel award winners – Dr Simon Junankar and Dr Elena Zotenko

2014 Award – Dr Daniel Hesselson; $10,000 special initiative grant winners – Dr Guy Barry and Dr Nicole Schönrock

2013 Award – Dr Timothy Mercer; $10,000 special initiative grant winners –  Dr Phillippa Taberlay and Dr Daniel Hesselson 

2012 Award – Dr Marcel Batten, Dr Andreia Pinho and Dr Daniel Fazakerley

2011 Award – Dr Ebru Boslem

2010 Award – Dr Matt Prior and Dr Liz Caldon

2007 Award – Dr Julie Wheway

2005 Award – Dr Alison Gosby

The CHAMP Young Pioneer Award

Through the generous support of CHAMP Private Equity an annual CHAMP Young Pioneer Award is offered for the most outstanding early career researcher (ECR) at the Garvan, with one researcher each year awarded $10,000 to provide seed funding for an innovative research proposal. This award was initiated in 2014.
The CHAMP Young Pioneer Award is intended to assist ECRs in the establishment phase of their careers, to enable them to initiate early-stage medical research opportunities through an innovative new research project.

This Year's Winner

2016 Award – Dr Nenad Bartonicek

Past Winner

2015 Award – Dr Liz Caldon

2014 Award – Dr Nicole Schonrock

The Heliflite Young Explorer Award

Through the generous support of Heliflite, the annual Heliflite Young Explorer Award is offered for the most outstanding ECRs at the Garvan, two researchers each year are awarded $5,000 to facilitate international travel to conferences and laboratories to foster career development.
The Heliflite Young Explorer’s Award is intended to assist early career researchers (ECRs) in the establishment phase of their careers, by enabling them to attend international conferences or engage in international collaborations.

This Year's Winners

2016 Award – Dr Joanna Achinger-Kawecka and Dr Danyal Butt

Past Winners

2015 Award – Dr Amanda Brandon and Dr Fatima Valdes Mora

2014 Award – Dr David Gallego Ortega and Dr Martin Smith

Palmer Innovation Prize

Joseph Palmer & Sons is Australia’s oldest brokerage firm; its prize aims to encourage and support translational innovation arising from research at Garvan.

2016 Award – A/Prof Daniel Christ