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We're at the forefront of medical research in Australia.

At the Garvan Institute, we investigate many diseases — from the rarest and un-treatable to the most common and widespread.

In the fight against one particular disease, your best treatment options sometimes come from a very different disease. Our 500+ researchers break down the barriers between scientific disciplines to find multiple solutions to disease.

We see a future where disease can be stopped before it starts. It’s within reach.

  • Garvan leads the field in medical genomics, epigenetics, cancer; diseases of immunity and inflammation; and diseases of ageing that affect the bones, brain and metabolism.
  • Our goal is to translate research discoveries into meaningful health benefits for those living with disease.
  • With better understanding, new treatments and more effective diagnosis, we can have the biggest impact — globally.

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Garvan's COVID-19 research

We're using our expertise in antibodies and genomics to do three things:

  • To try and stop the spread of COVID-19 infection
  • To stop the need for hospitalisation or intensive care
  • And ultimately: to decrease the mortality rate of COVID-19.

Our approach involves multiple avenues — including genetically engineered antibodies and genomic analyses. Because there will be more than one answer.

Our broad disease focus

Breast, brain, blood, bone, lung, pancreatic, prostate and rare and less common cancers.

Osteoporosis, diabetes and obesity, neuro-degenerative diseases including Parkinson’s and dementia.

Genomics & epigenetics: the study of all the information encoded in your DNA. Variations in our DNA affect our health.

Immune deficiency, autoimmune diseases, auto-inflammatory diseases, cancer immunity and transplantation.