Garvan's public events

If you would like to visit us and hear firsthand about our breakthrough medical research, we run a number of public seminars and regular tours of our facilities.

Vivid Sydney – 25/05-16/06

The Garvan Institute has a Vivid Lights installation!
‘Beautiful and Dangerous’, takes visitors on a personal encounter with the infectious diseases — magnified to spectacular scale. Projected onto two buildings in The Rocks, 125-127 George Street, you will meet infectious, yet beautiful, viruses and bacteria.
The animation was created by the Garvan Institute and CSIRO, and included Leonie Herson, Drew Berry, Christopher Hammang, Richard Tamplenizza, and Seán O’Donoghue.

Come along to a public seminar

At Garvan’s free public seminars you can learn about the latest information and trends in medical research and medicine, and hear directly from our leading scientists and clinicians.

Take a tour of the Garvan Institute

See Garvan’s state-of-the-art scientific facilities first hand by booking yourself or your group on a tour, and learn how technology is enabling medical research to progress at an increasingly rapid rate.

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