“Pancreatic cancer kills.
I want to stop this vicious disease in its tracks.”

Associate Professor Paul Timpson

Vanishingly low survival

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth biggest cancer killer in western societies. Survival rates are vanishingly low – 93% of people diagnosed do not survive beyond five years.

While progress has been made on many other cancers, thanks to research funding, the needle has barely moved on pancreatic cancer in over four decades.

Associate Professor Paul Timpson and his team are on a mission to change that. They’ve already made progress and more research is underway.

In this video, A/Prof Timpson tells you about their method of attacking the ‘Achilles Heel’ of pancreatic cancer to stop its spread.

Making progress

In this video, Dr Pajic explains how they’re finding new therapies based on data gathered by sequencing pancreatic cancer tumours.

Research into new therapies

Dr Marina Pajic and her team focus on developing new treatment options for pancreatic cancer. Past research has shown that pancreatic cancer is not just one disease; it’s molecularly very varied, so patients should be treated with a personalised approach.

The more research on a cancer, the better the prognoses for patients

At Garvan, we’re grateful for the generosity and vision of our supporters. We wouldn’t have accomplished what we have so far without you. It’s research that will ultimately find the cure for pancreatic cancer, and we can’t do it without funding.

On the verge of breakthroughs

A/Prof Timpson, Dr Pajic and their teams have already made progress towards the global goal of doubling pancreatic cancer survival rates by 2020.

Download this booklet to read more about the two major projects they’ve been working on.