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Welcome to the breakthrough blog, where the focus is very much on what we’ve been able to achieve thanks to your invaluable support.

This is where you’ll read about the latest innovations in our labs, exciting breakthroughs in our medical research, and heartwarming stories about some of the people we’ve been able to help.

Rare cancers make up just 2% of all cancers but account for one in six cancer deaths

Professor David Thomas is dedicating his life to science, seeking cures for people with rare cancers.

Genomics and beyond: on the threshold of transforming medicine

DNA underpins all the body’s activities and processes, just as it does for Garvan’s research.

Staff profile: Dr Meredith Ross (Science Media and Communication Coordinator – Garvan Research Foundation)

Can you give us a brief outline of your recent work history? I come to the Science Communications position from a diverse background in biochemistry, science/medical publishing and science education.

Researcher Profile: Professor Mark Febbraio (Division Head, Diabetes and Metabolism)

What is the current focus of your work? Our work aims to translate basic science discoveries into new therapeutics for disease.

Ask Garvan about personalised medicine

Q: What is personalised medicine? A:  Personalised medicine is the future of health and medicine.  It uses uniquely personal information about an individual, such as genetic information, to help guide health-related decisions.

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