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Welcome to the breakthrough blog, where the focus is very much on what we’ve been able to achieve thanks to your invaluable support.

This is where you’ll read about the latest innovations in our labs, exciting breakthroughs in our medical research, and heartwarming stories about some of the people we’ve been able to help.

What does it take to realise the value of research? A story of survival?

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer I was terrified my children would end up growing up without a father. I was literally terrified. Emotionally a cancer diagnosis felt like a death sentence. Irrationally I felt unclean with the cancer inside me. It seemed impossible – I was so physically fit and young for my

Access to clinical trials crucial for Australians living with rare or uncommon cancers

December 2014: and all is well in Luke Bourne’s world. He has a busy career in the mines, and is about to start a family with his wife Rachel. Then he starts feeling extreme pain in his head. “After a harsh couple of night shifts with migraines, it got to the stage where I couldn’t

The revolutionary discovery transforming the way we look at prostate cancer

Professor Vanessa Hayes explains the revolutionary discovery that can transform the treatment of prostate cancer. One in four Australian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer; but for such a common disease there’s much we don’t know. Many men are being over-treated with invasive treatments that mightn’t be necessary. How prostate cancer affects men Prostate

Meet your genes

Whole genome sequencing is becoming more accessible, immediate and informative, thanks to Garvan’s wholly-owned subsidiary Genome.One.

Making the invisible visible

Well-designed data visualisation can help explain the hidden biological world and reveal discoveries that might otherwise remain buried.

Seeing the invisible

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