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Welcome to the breakthrough blog, where the focus is very much on what we’ve been able to achieve thanks to your invaluable support.

This is where you’ll read about the latest innovations in our labs, exciting breakthroughs in our medical research, and heartwarming stories about some of the people we’ve been able to help.

Staff profile: Dr Rayson Tan (Executive Officer – Research Ethics, Compliance and Governance)

What was your professional background before joining the Garvan Institute? I worked as a small-animal vet while researching molecular and gene expression profiling of canine tumours. I was also a casual academic at the University of Sydney. During vet school and even through my PhD, I was always interested in blending clinical, scientific and business

Rayson Tan profile

Calculating cancer risk

It is always tragic when cancer is diagnosed in a young person. Now, thanks to whole genome sequencing, medical research is better able to predict an individual’s level of risk and offer management strategies. 

Calculate cancer risk

Ask Garvan about Auditory Processing Disorder

Q. What is Auditory Processing Disorder, and is it hereditary? The answer is yes: the incidence of cancer is now slightly higher than it was in the 1950s. This likely has two major contributing factors.

Gene Detectives

All children get sick, right? But what does it mean when a child falls seriously ill, and then again, and again, due to a mysterious disorder of the immune system? A new consortium, CIRCA, summons the collective brainpower of doctors and scientists to crack the case before the clock runs out.

Researcher profile: Dr Marcia Munoz (Senior Research Officer, Bone Therapeutics – Bone Biology Division)

What motivated you to host the auto-inflammatory diseases workshop last June? Professor Mike Rogers, who heads the lab I work in, has had this idea brewing for a while.

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