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Welcome to the breakthrough blog, where the focus is very much on what we’ve been able to achieve thanks to your invaluable support.

This is where you’ll read about the latest innovations in our labs, exciting breakthroughs in our medical research, and heartwarming stories about some of the people we’ve been able to help.

A lasting legacy

Thankful for life’s blessings, Diane Ferrier chooses to leave the world a healthier place with a good deed of her own. Diane Ferrier considers herself a fortunate person, with a happy upbringing, rewarding career, opportunities to travel and the company of good friends and family. But even the most blessed life is not untouched by

Staff profile: Rob Salomon (Technical Director – Garvan-Weizmann Centre for Cellular Genomics)

What has been your career path up to this point? Growing up, I always thought I’d be a veterinarian, however after first year of vet studies I realised it wasn’t really for me. I went back to pure science (with a side serve of archaeology – particularly prehistory in the Fertile Crescent) and became interested

While you were sleeping

A dormant cancer cell is like a ticking time bomb. It evades chemotherapy only to spontaneously wake and resume its deadly progress. Now, armed with pioneering tech and bold determination, researchers are finally beginning to close in on the sleepers.

Staff profile: Anna Henty (Senior Events Coordinator – Garvan Research Foundation)

What kinds of events does Garvan host, and why? It’s our duty and pleasure to educate the community on the importance of medical research, and to provide access to our amazing buildings and scientists.

A glimmer of hope

Answers to autoimmune disease are finally within reach, thanks to a mutual ambition of Garvan researchers and a philanthropic champion.

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