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Help solve cancer while you sleep

Amanda in BedGarvan Institute and Vodafone Foundation are giving you the power to use your phone to speed up cancer research with the DreamLab app.

What if you could help fast-track cancer research simply by going to bed?

Cancer affects so many of the people we love. In fact, one in two Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by their 85th birthday.

Medical research is the key to solving cancer, but one thing slowing progress is the limited access researchers have to supercomputers to crunch their complex data.

That’s where DreamLab comes in. DreamLab is a free to purchase appthat helps fast track research problems while you sleep.

When your phone is idle - like when you’re asleep at night - DreamLab uses the processing power of your smartphone to solve a piece of the cancer research puzzle.

If just 1,000 people downloaded the app, we could decipher data 30 times faster than at the current rate.

DreamLab is an internet-based app, so it needs data to work. Data used to process research problems is free on the Vodafone Australia network however some other functions in the app might use a very small amount of data which you will be charged for.

If you’re not, you’ll use data from your mobile or WiFi plan, but don’t worry it’s small and you can choose your monthly limit.

Download the DreamLab app from Google Play, choose which project you’d like to support and how much data you’d like to give. Then simply charge your phone and wake up knowing you’ve helped Garvan Institute find new ways to treat cancer. 

Download the DreamLab app now! (Android users only)

Go to www.vodafone.com.au/dreamlab to access FAQs, technical information and terms and conditions.