What if you could help fast-track cancer research while you sleep?
The DreamLab app uses your phone’s processing power to speed up cancer research whenever you’re not using it – like while you’re asleep.

Cancer affects so many of the people we love. Medical research is the key to solving it, but progress is slowed up by the limited access researchers have to supercomputers to process their complex data.

Getting set up with DreamLab

DreamLab needs data or wifi to work. If you’re with Vodafone Australia, data used to process research problems is free.

If you’re not with Vodafone or connected to wifi, the app will use data from your mobile plan within your chosen monthly limit.

The DreamLab app is available on Android and you can download it from Google Play. Just choose which cancer type you’d like to support and how much data you’d like to give. Then simply charge your phone and wake up knowing you’ve helped Garvan find new ways to treat cancer.

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