The Connie Johnson Award (Love Your Sister)

Samuel and Connie Johnson’s Love Your Sister campaign aimed to set a new world record for the longest distance travelled on a unicycle and raise $1 million for breast cancer research.

After Connie’s terminal breast cancer diagnosis, they wanted to do something big to spread Connie’s message of awareness – “Don’t fall into the booby trap. Be breast aware!”

In February 2014, Samuel finished his 15,955km journey on a unicycle to set a new world record. By December 2014, Love Your Sister doubled its fundraising target, raising $2 million to support Garvan’s breast cancer research through the Connie Johnson Award in Breast Cancer Research.

The Connie Johnson Award in Breast Cancer Research

The 2015 recipient of the award was Dr Elgene Lim, Principle Research Fellow in the Genomic Cancer Medicine Laboratory at Garvan. Dr Lim and his team are studying ways to sensitise breast cancer cells to novel therapies using tissue samples donated by patients. By better understanding the unique biology of individual tumours, his team are able to discover more effective ways to treat them.

You can donate to the Connie Johnson Award in Breast Cancer Research to support Dr Lim’s vital work.

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